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A very merry unbirthday

We are back from another trip to Disneyland and I think the lack of sleep is getting to us because we have very little focus right now. We turned in a simulpub chapter today, and our very sweet editor said we did a wonderful job, and I was like, "Really? I wonder what made it so wonderful..." and we tried to figure it out, but neither of us could remember what happened in the chapter, even though we just translated it this morning...and afternoon. We had a long day, starting with taking a very long time getting ourselves to work.

Anyway. Disneyland was fun. We have a much better idea of the continuity of Rise of the Resistance now, but I think I'm going to have to wait until my brain is feeling better to attempt to retell it...not that anybody needs me to. I'm sure it's all on YouTube and has been for months.

There was a fair amount of food adventures. The California Food & Wine Festival is going on, which means we get to walk the parade route looking at food stands and going, "That looks interesting!" or, "That could be good!" and not buying anything. And frankly, the Food & Wine Festival food is way overpriced, so it's probably for the best, but when they have giant chocolate caramel peanut butter macarons, sometimes we have to say, "No, no. I want to try this one." And they were pretty okay. Athena and I felt like they were too afraid to commit to any one flavor and so it ended up as a vaguely flavored mass of mild sweetness, which was satisfying enough but not really memorable. Gaston and Alice thought it was too rich. This is what happens when people have different taste buds, I guess.

We also went to the Carthay Circle for Alice's half birthday, as I mentioned on Sunday. The desserts there were pretty good, too. They had a chocolate tart that wasn't afraid to commit to chocolate, so that was a big winner. They'll probably still have it when we go back for our birthday, so next time, Athena and I will each get our very own! Gaston and Alice will get the bread pudding, which was my least favorite of the desserts, so again the different taste buds thing. The third and final dessert was something called a posset. We asked what that was, and our adorable server said it was a thing served in a handle-less wine glass...and that was about the most description we had. We all tried it, because we try all the desserts! and it had an interesting citrus flavored cream with a citrus marmalade underneath. For me, the cream was a little too intense in the tartness department, while the sugar in the marmalade stood out and balanced the dish, but for Gaston and Alice, it was the marmalade that was too strong. Taste bud science is very interesting.

After Carthay Circle, we went on Rise of the Resistance again, but maybe more on that later, and then we watched Mickey & the Magical Map, because we needed something to do to kill time before the parade, and that was something that didn't involve standing. We reaffirmed our dislike of the show, but there were a couple of hot dancers that held my attention. Of course, because I was so focused on them, I noticed that there actually are costume changes, which thing I had never supposed...because they're so minor that you can hardly tell the difference. It's really just in the level of shirt--vest with no shirt, shirt with no vest, shirt and vest! I mean, not exactly, but pretty much.

We had a horrible view of the parade due to our failure to actually save seats, and a rule they seem to have about only letting the front row sit down. So if you saved seats at the very edge of the viewing area, you and your kids can sit down. Anyone behind that row must stand up, and anyone behind the first row of people standing...well, it depends on who's in front of you, whether or not you'll be able to see at all. The farther back you are, the worse your odds. And if you brought kids to sit in not-the-front-row...well, they won't be able to see a darn thing unless you use the obvious solution, which is to put the kids on your shoulders...which in turn infuriates the people standing behind you, because now even the tallest of them can't see the dancers at all.

Personally, we think it's madness, and we're pretty sure the reason they have that "rule" is that they want to fit more people into the viewing area, but what good does it do to fit twice as many people if only a quarter of them (or fewer) can see anything? Better to fit half as many people and make sure they can all see, then you have much more satisfied guests.

After the parade, we came home, and we had time to watch Miraculous, so we did! And now here we are.

Today I'm thankful for getting complimented on our simulpub translation, having another lovely time at the Carthay Circle, getting to try the chocolate caramel peanut butter macaron, getting to evolve some more Pokemon today, and it being time to go to sleep.
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