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Back to Batuu. And Carthay.

It's become a tradition of ours to go to the Carthay Circle for our birthday and Gaston's birthday, because it's a thing Gaston really likes to do and birthdays are a good excuse to do it. We had a really good time talking to our server last time, too, and so the question came up of doing it more often. For example, Alice has a birthday. Alice's birthday always falls in the middle of blockout season, which is why we never went for her birthday before. But we finally managed to convince Gaston that half-birthdays can be a thing, and so that's what we're doing tomorrow! ...I mean, we're going to the Carthay Circle to celebrate Alice's half-birthday, but late, because at this point it's basically Gaston's half-birthday. The two of them were very busy for the last several weeks (until last week, which, as you know, is when Gaston came with his friend's family).

The point being, we have to get up unreasonably early tomorrow. Now that Gaston's been on Rise of the Resistance, he has the bug, which means trying even harder...I mean, you can't actually try any harder than getting there at opening and hoping for the best, but the point is, there's not going to be any, "Eh, been there, done that," for a while. And the park opens at eight tomorrow, so we get to wake up in time for that. Yay. But in all fairness, we do want to go on it again, too.

And that's the big news for us today. The other big news is that our bishopric is asking us if we're doing any special musical numbers for Easter! We're not sure how that's going to go, because our choir is nowhere near as ambitious as we are. But we'll come up with something!

Today I'm thankful for having more plans to hang out with friends, getting a payment in time to make this plan viable, getting to have pretty songs for Easter, having a yummy-looking piece of chocolate cake to look forward to, and hillbilly dialects.
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