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Rise of the Resistance

We have returned! We spent a long day at Disneyland yesterday with Gaston and his friend and friend's extended family. Despite the logistical nightmare of being in a large group of people who all want to do different things at once, it was actually a really good day. We even got to go on Rise of the Resistance, finally! But I assure you, that is not what made our day. Mostly it was just hanging out with good friends that made it so lovely.

Still, I do want to report on Rise of the Resistance. Oh my gosh, you guys, I don't even know how to describe it. I mean, the whole, "It's not a ride, it's an experience," thing turned out to be true, but now when I say it,, so before, I would say it in a kind of mocking tone (I'm sorry), and now I say it in...a...different...mocking tone. With laughter. Again, I'm sorry. It's a really cool concept, and some part of it were done very very well, but...just...we're just too bitter and jaded to enjoy things, I guess.

So here's what happened. We got our boarding passes, and we all went over to the ride to consolidate the boarding passes so we could go on it together. Athena and I were put in Gaston's group, because we came in to Disneyland together, and Gaston's friend's family was all put in a different group, for the same reason. There was an interesting bit of karma when the family wanted to go on the ride long before they would let the three of us on (Gaston's friend felt bad about it, but he was in a vast minority (it also bears pointing out that Gaston's friend is our friend, too, after the last time we hung out at Disneyland together...we'll call him Bernard if it comes up again)). And then the ride broke down so they couldn't go on it after all. By the time it was up again, they were close enough to calling our boarding group that they let us in anyway.

But that's not important. The important thing is, we got in line, and it seemed like we went into a cave that also housed some kind of old...temple or something? There were alcoves for little statues that looked like idols, but there were also a ton of doorways and windows that had been bricked up. Some of the walls seemed to have pottery in, a clay jar that was full of dirt, and they lined up a bunch of them and stacked them...and then made a wall over them? I'm sure this is based on real archaeological ruins, but the significance of it is entirely lost, because all they tell us is that we're in some resistance headquarters or something. And they don't even actually tell us that, I feel like we just figured it out from context.

Eventually we made it to a place where it looked like the cast members were putting us in elevators, like in Journey to the Center of the Earth at DisneySea. They counted off a certain amount of people and told us to wait by the doors, and when the doors opened, we went in. Turns out, through that door (one door for each of two groups) was the beginning of the "experience."

We went into a chamber that had some large apparatus and some computer monitors. Once everyone was inside and the doors closed, BB-8 came out and made some beeping noises, and then pulled up the hologram transmission from Rey! Tadah! It really did look like in the movies with the holograms and stuff, but I confess my attention span was elsewhere during this part, because I don't remember anything of what Rey said. I think I was thinking about Cole Sprouse. Athena says she was paying attention, but she doesn't remember anything. Maybe something about how it wasn't safe on Batuu anymore? I remember an image of Finn coming up on the screen with some writing next to it and thinking, "Yup, that's 'Finn' in Aurabesh." And I think there was also a video message from Poe? ...Yes! Yes, there was, because I already knew to expect to see him in the X-Wing.

So Rey gave us our briefing, which I totally did not process at all, and then we went through another door, where we were outside again! What! And there was an X-Wing with BB-8 in the navigator's seat, and a weird-looking helmeted mannequin in the cockpit. (We were not really impressed with the humanoid animatronics for this attraction.) And there was another vehicle of some kind that was to be our transport. There was a real person "working" on it, a mechanic of some sort, I'm guessing, because he walked up to us and told us that he had to fix a thingie and I got the impression it wasn't at 100%, and Athena seems to remember him saying something like, "It'll get you safely to hrmnahrmnah."

I guess I just didn't have my bearings because it was all so...something. The inattention may have also had something to do with the fact that we knew this was supposed to be an E-Ticket attraction, which means there may or may not be drops. So my mind was definitely reserving part of its attention to be on the lookout for anything that might indicate an impending fall. Boarding a transport is the first sign.

Anyway, the transport opened up and we all got on, and it was weird, because there were no seats, but there were handrails everywhere. I was lucky enough to get a spot where I had a perfect view of our...pilot? Captain? Probably captain, because I think somebody else was piloting. The captain was a Mon Calamari. I don't know if it was Admiral Ackbar or not, because I don't know if he was supposed to be alive in the new trilogy. But anyway, there was a window on either side of the transport that was really a super high-definition screen showing us computer images of our takeoff from Batuu and subsequent capture by the First Order. There was fighting and star destroyers and a tractor beam, and one of our military escort got shot down, we think? but she was super empowered. And then our feed was interrupted by a First Order transmission to say something like we've captured you prepare to be boarded? I usually remember things better than this. I'm totally blaming it on the fear of drops.

The transmission ended, the doors opened, and bam! there was a real member of the First Order to capture us. And Athena and I couldn't help laughing at the whole situation. She ordered us off the transport and we walked into a chamber with a whole squad of Storm Trooper animatronics standing there looking like wax statues. Gaston said they moved just enough to seem like real dudes trying to stand very still, and I believe that, but for some reason, they just weren't doing it for us. Looking back, I feel like they all seemed shorter than I feel like they should have been. Maybe it's just because we're tall ourselves, or maybe we were just so not intimidated that everything is smaller in our memories. Anyway, they were standing in front of a giant window that looked out into space, and the high definition did make the picture very clean and crisp, but I didn't really feel the enormity of space from it. Also, the floor was tiled with black granite or something along those lines, which really made it feel like we were on solid ground rather than up in space. But I've never been in a real star destroyer, so for all I know that's what it feels like to be in one.

So now we were captured and waiting our fate, but we have been too sleep deprived for the last too long, so I should end it there and get back to the story tomorrow. To be continued...

Today I'm thankful for finally getting to go on Rise of the Resistance, having a lovely time with friends at Disneyland, finally getting a Shedinja, getting to see the Showdown at the Golden Horseshoe again (this time with a great view of the classical pianists hands), and having enough room in our schedule that we think it was okay to take the day off today.
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