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We've been getting tireder and tireder all week, and we knew with about 90% certainty that the culprit was staying up too late every night, so what do we do? We watch not one but two episodes of Miraculous after our TV-off time. I mean, we were pretty much dead by the end of the day today, but the ibuprofen had kicked in (even though it's seven-months expired!) by nine, and after one more episode I had a cat on my lap, and she wasn't going anywhere, so we figured why not watch another one? Tomorrow's Saturday--we can sleep in.

Anyway, the reason we were dying to the point of needing ibuprofen is, first, that we got up at the usual time (Athena is convinced that this is the real culprit of the sleep deprivation in general), and, second, that we spent several hours out in direct sunlight in addition to doing a lot of walking. That's right--we went to the Disneyland Office today. And of course the logical thing to do in this situation would be to find a place that's either indoors or has shade, and there are indeed plenty of places like that at Disneyland. But we had a very specific place in mind, on the parade route, close to where the parade would start so we could rush home to play Pokemon with the nephew (who, it turns out, needs to get better at communicating his schedule).

The thing is, they just launched a new parade, and we wanted to see it! I mean, you all know us and our attitude toward Disney right now, especially in regard to shows at Disneyland, but they've surprised us before (the Showdown at the Golden Horseshoe is pretty great), and we were very curious about the finale float. We knew that it was going to be Sleeping Beauty themed, it would feature the color-changing dress, and that they had a very cool color-changing dress in a parade at one of the China parks. We had to see it for ourselves! And, since we can work anywhere, there was nothing stopping us from finding a spot on the parade route and sitting there all day--not even the boredom of saving seats for hours, because we would alleviate that by working. So that's what we did!

...We went on It's A Small World first, because why not? It was right there, and people don't actually start saving seats for the parade until three hours before it starts (like clockwork (unless it's a new nighttime parade)). They actually had two of the floats and some of the dancers out on display all morning for...I don't even know why, frankly. I mean, I would imagine it's to promote the parade, but, like, why? We took pictures, though, because there were some interesting details. They were for the Moana and Coco sections, and we're not big fans of either of those movies, but we have to admit the Coco float was pretty cool...except for the Marigold Bridge. I mean, it's fine that it looked like something straight out of the Rose Parade, but the...pillars, I guess? of the bridge...we could tell the idea was for it to look like they were fading away as they went further down, but in reality it looked like they were pillars all the way to where the cat tore them up at the bottom. I also think it would have been cool, since they represent the bridge to the afterlife and all, if they had used some kind of shiny or shimmery fabric for just one layer of petals on each of the marigolds. They had to make the marigolds anyway, so I don't think it would have been too much more effort...unless they just bought them from JoAnn or Michael...

But in its defense! it did have some interesting animatronic/puppetry action going on that looked really good. Skeletons are easy to make cool puppets out of, because you don't have to worry about the soft parts.

The Moana float was...kind of boring, frankly. It was made to look like her ship with a carved wooden wave behind it that had a manta for its crest, and that part was cool, but the decorations were mostly screens showing ocean-y things. I'm super bored by screens, so I saw it and was like, ""

But that's all on those for now. We sat down, got a bunch of work done...a family sat in front of us that had two little kids who started chatting us up. The oldest just suddenly said, "See if you can guess my name!" All I will tell you is that he confirmed that it is not Rumpelstiltskin. He also asked our favorite colors. He could not guess my name, and then he asked if I knew Athena's name. I told him I wasn't sure, so he suggested we all try to guess. Eventually I came up with a great idea and guessed correctly that her name is Athena.

We also had some visits from honeybees and butterflies, and there was a hummingbird hanging out in a tree across the parade route from us. So it was really a lovely day except for the sunburn. And then there was the parade, but I will tell you about that later, because, as previously implied, we are up far too late already.

Today I'm thankful for having a good way to camp out for parades (which I only endorse because there are only two of us; if we were saving seats for a bigger group, we'd be like, "Nope; we are waiting."), getting to go on It's A Small World, finishing our first draft of Saiyuki 6, the expired ibuprofen working, and getting to watch lots of Miraculous.
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