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A Pokemon sort of day

Whew, what a day. And we didn't even work! It started with a lovely trip to the temple. We did temple work for our ancestors for the first time, so that made it extra neat.

And then it was d-d-d-d-duel! ...No, no, no. That's wrong on two counts. First of all, it wasn't Yu-Gi-Oh, and second of all, the challenge didn't start until four. They started a Pokemon tournament today, is what I mean. And we participated! And we failed abysmally! It was pretty sad. We actually didn't get totally creamed most of the time, but we did lose nine out of ten battles. And the only reason we won the one was because of a forfeit which may or may not have been due to connection issues. We think we know what the problem is, but it's too late to fix it for this tournament. We'll just have to hope that there's someone out there with the same problem that maybe we can beat. We'll learn from this experience and do better next time! And on the bright side, you only need to have fought one battle to get the in-game t-shirt!

In the meantime, after the tenth battle, we decided it was time to move on to something else. We still need to evolve all our Pokemon to avoid evolution spoilers, but we were feeling discouraged, so we decided it was finally time to look up a list of Pokemon that evolve through trading so we could stop leveling our Pokemon up to super high levels and being disappointed when they don't evolve.

But that led us to the discovery of how to evolve Milcery. And the thing about Milcery, which is something we had figured out before this information told us, is that its evolution comes in a veritable rainbow of colors! And it all depends on when and how you do the evolution. Well, we didn't want the internet to tell us everything, so we took it from there and began to experiment! And now we know how to get all the different colors of Milcery's evolution, but we have to decide which accessories to give to each colors. But we're satisfied on that count for now, because we already have both those Pokemon on our Pokedex.

We also discovered some Bulbasaurs and Charmanders in some Dynamax dens, and when we called our nephew to see if he wanted to catch them with us, we discovered he can't play on school nights anymore, even if it's the daytime of that school night. But he did call back to let us know that according to his Pokemon news app on his computer, Mewtwo has struck back, and that's why all the original starters are showing up in Dynamax dens. Of course that also means Mewtwo is around, too, which means we need to get Grawp to check the dens, because we haven't unlocked dens at a high enough level yet. So you can bet we will be on the phone with him tomorrow and Saturday.

We're still going strong with the Miraculous viewing, not that anybody's asking. We only watched two episodes tonight, but that's because our Milcery testing required us to be playing Pokemon after eight o'clock, and we're supposed to turn off the TV at nine.

But then! we opened up our newest Wizarding World crates! Hogwarts for the Holidays! And they came with pretty much the kind of thing you'd expect to get for holiday decorating, only with a Harry Potter theme. The sign that says to forward all gifts to Hogwarts is super cute.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the temple and do work for our ancestors, gaining some valuable Pokemon battle experience, all the pretty Alcremie colors, having some super cute Hogwarts Christmas stuff, and finding out that the Mewtwo Strikes Back remake does have Japanese audio on Netflix (French, too...).
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