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A sort of shoujo manga kind of day

The interesting things that happened today are that we answered some questions to help someone with a school project, and we finished our first draft of the first volume of a series that's still confidential. Tadah!

Oh! And we got two packages! One of them was our comp copies for Hatsu*Haru 11, which had us realizing that we are going to have to get back to work on that series eventually. That's actually very good news, because it's a great series! We just tend to want to forget about anything that isn't Pokemon or Miraculous these days. Ha, ha, ha. Especially if it's work, which means it's not optional. Right now, what we want to do most is stuff we don't have to do.

The other package! was from lyschan! After we failed to procure the limited edition of Noragami 21, she has been constantly on the watch to make sure we don't miss any other limited editions that we might want, and that includes even a series we haven't read yet! But she knows we want to read it, because it's the latest series by the author of Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty, which we very much adored. So now we have the limited edition of volume five of Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai! ...And zero other volumes. We kept not getting it because we wanted to read it as we translated it. Well, now Kodansha is listing volume one as A Condition Called Love, and we had no idea about it, which means we are Not translating it. This makes us a little grumpy, despite our current general reluctance to work on anything. At any rate, it looks like it's time to get the other Japanese volumes! ...After we get over this broke spurt.

Today I'm thankful for lys and her constant thoughtfulness, having a lovely Hananoi-kun letter set, finishing that first draft, having time to prepare a little for the Pokemon tournament, and having plans to go to the temple tomorrow.
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