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Well, the most interesting things that happened today were in the manga we translated, and we can't exactly talk about that, so I'm kind of at a loss here. We did have a teensy tiny bit of an interesting experience on the Twitter, though. Athena checks our account every so often, mostly because it's easiest to see how people are Tweeting about things (for example, a new edition of Saiyuki that just came out) if we're signed in. She checked earlier today, and there was nothing interesting as far as Saiyuki was concerned, but we did have a new follower!

...And they go by the very same name that's associated with all of the illegal Edens Zero scans that we see going around. We're not sure why that person would want to follow us; if it were us, we would consider another translator on the same thing to be a rival...which might be a good reason to follow them. Know your enemy, and all that. We never Tweet anything, though, so whatever this person hopes for from following us is not likely to happen.

One theory we have is that the person really admires Hiro Mashima and wants to have some connection to him. That's a sentiment we can relate to 100%...but we're not likely to help on that count, either. We didn't even get to meet Atsushi Ohkubo at Anime Expo last year (although we did pass by him in the parking lot). If the Edens Zero pirate is hoping to become an official translator of Hiro Mashima stuff, that would be great! Except that we love Edens Zero, and there's no way we're giving it up. It's actually one of the few things we're still excited to work on every time despite the burnout. (I mean, there are a bunch of series we work on that we love, but with the burnout, it's hard to be excited, you know? In the case of Edens Zero, it probably helps that it's only 20 pages a week, and they go by really fast. So it's a nice little change of pace that doesn't take up too much time. And it's always a lot of fun, even when it's trying to wreck us.)

So it's just an unsolved mystery. At any rate, I do hope the pirate is trying to go legit.

Today I'm thankful for getting to work on Edens Zero, finishing our Saiyuki translation (minus the final read-through), finally evolving Dwebble and Wimpod, the yummy lemon Girl Scout cookies we had for a snack, and getting to watch Cat Blanc again.
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