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Well, we're back to the same old same-old. ...Maybe not the same old same-old. Now the routine is work, Ring Fit Adventure, Pokemon, Miraculous. At least on Monday. But the point is, the main thing on our minds now is, as usual, Miraculous. We watched Cat Blanc again today, and as predicted, we love it but it hurts.

But! thanks to a Facebook post yesterday, we have something Miraculous-related to talk about that doesn't involve spoilers! (Not that anybody reading this cares about Miraculous spoilers...) Anyway, an illustrator wrote an apparently viral blog post about how all the butterflies in art are drawn in the "dead" position. And she said she was tired of seeing it in art, something, something, animation, etc. And we were like, "What? Animation? But surely Disney would never get it wrong...and the only other thing I can think of is Miraculous!" (Okay, a quick search of the scene where the butterfly lands on Tarzan's face (in Tarzan, of course) indicates that she may have been referring to that.)

So the main villain in Miraculous is Hawk Moth, which is the more-threatening-sounding translation of Le Papillon, which would be "the Butterfly" in English, and does not sound threatening in the least, but the French sounds pretty cool, but the point is that it's butterflies. And he's constantly surrounded by butterflies, and he uses evil butterflies to do his bidding, and basically they're all over the place. But until yesterday, we didn't give it that much thought, because we don't spend a lot of time observing butterflies in the wild and we didn't know that a common art position for butterflies was "dead." But the secret identity of Le Papillon has butterfly iconography all over the place, too, and they seem to be in what the illustrator described as the dead position, so I was a little worried. We thought surely it was okay, because the icons were clearly stylized graphic representations of butterflies, and not meant to replicate real live butterflies. But I couldn't remember what the living butterflies looked like!

So when we watched today, I paid attention. And it looked like the animators had done their homework and based the animation of the butterflies off of live-action (possibly slow motion) footage. Tadah! And thus Miraculous does not have to face that illustrator's ire. At least not for that. We think.

I guess the main point is, alive butterflies do look pretty cool.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work, the tasty Heath cookies from our nephew's school fundraiser, finally evolving our Klink, Page hanging out with us and also being willing to get up when we had to go fix dinner, and getting to watch Cat Blanc again.
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