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Unboxing day

Today we had an unboxing! Tadah! Our Wizarding World crates had been on indefinite hiatus since, like, August or something, and yesterday we finally got the September crates! The theme was Lumos and Nox, and it had some pretty cool stuff.

First thing we noticed was the t-shirt! It's another house-specific one, so I'm really curious to see what the other house's shirts look like. I imagine they all have a kind of starry-sky background with an outline of the house representative animal (the raveagle, in the case of Ravenclaw) superimposed over it, and bright stars labeled with traits generally associated with that house. I don't even remember exactly which words were used for Ravenclaw, just that the design looks really cool.

There was also a pencil-case that was very reminiscent of our Yume Twins boxes (we opened one of those today, too!), and it's reversible! You can either have it be red and white with phoenixes on it to represent the Order of the Phoenix, or you can have it be green and stupid with the dark mark on it to represent the Death Eaters. (No offense to the designer; I just really don't care for Death Eaters.)

There was a really cool Crime of Grindelwald sketchbook that came with a pen, because otherwise, if you were just a normal person with normal writing implements, you'd be all, "How am I supposed to write on this thing? The pages are all black!" The pen writes with white ink, you see. Of course, because it's a Grindelwald sketchbook (I didn't really see him as the artistic type, but you never know), it has the Deathly Hallows symbol on it, and it's all embellished and fancy, with the Elder Wand part embossed in silver, because it's the part Grindelwald cared about most and the only one he had.

And there was a pin of an Occamy, and a really cool paperweight, which is actually maybe my favorite thing from it. It's one of those spherical marble-like ones, where they have a quote on the bottom that you can see from a bunch of different angles because of the transparent spherical top. The a really good one that I don't remember exactly, but it's when Dumbledore says the thing about happiness and knowing where to look for the light or something? I'm sure I could find it with a quick Google search, At any rate, it makes us want to organize our desk area so we have a nice place to put them.

There was also! a piece of paper! that apologized that one of the items was missing. There were five items, so we're a little confused about that, but with a theme like Lumos and Nox, we were sure there would be something that lights up, and the name of the missing item seems like that might be it. We'll just look forward to getting it later.

Today I'm thankful for having cool new Harry Potter shirts to wear, people enjoying "How Great Thou Art" today (we know it's a favorite hymn, but we rarely choose it because it's so very long), getting to spend a lot of time hanging out with Page, the super cute bird pictures our friend shared on Facebook, and not having to experience a thunderstorm from inside a hot-air balloon.
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