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Another snag

On Tuesday, I think I mentioned that our home teacher took us to the bank. On the way there, or back, or at some point, he said that he had no money so we would have to pay for gas to get to San Francisco tomorrow. We don't have a problem paying for gas, except that we had no money either. We said if we got a check, we would gladly pay for gas.

And so......



We didn't get a check. *sigh* The first thing we did after Athena checked the mail was to call our home teacher to see if there was some alternative, but he was busy, so I had to leave a message. He called back later, and we decided that we should call and reschedule... though thinking about it, maybe I should have asked if there was some other way to get gas for his car. Or something. And the fact that I'm unclear about that has a lot to do with why I didn't ask.

At any rate, the plan is to call and reschedule for next week. The problem is, by the time HT called, the Nova Group had apparently closed for the day. So I left a message saying we couldn't make it and hoped to reschedule, and I'll be calling tomorrow morning to make sure the message got through, and to schedule another interview.

So now we're both a little worried that we won't be allowed to reschedule and we've destroyed our chances of going to Japan yet again. But they seem pretty nice and reasonable, so hopefully it won't be too much of a problem. And our boss at TokyoPop can vouch for our usual reliableness. It's also just as well for two more reasons: 1)we haven't heard back from Russell-sensei about whether or not we can use him as a reference, and 2)tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, and driving all over the state doesn't seem like the best of ideas on a day celebrated with massive alcohol consumption. And! We don't have to wake up at four in the morning for at least another week.

Also, Mom came by to give us our diplomas, and I ended up explaining the whole interview situation (she wanted to know why we couldn't go buy kitty litter tomorrow), and when I said we might have to reschedule because no one has money for gas, she said all she had was $20, and I told her it probably wasn't enough to get to and from San Francisco, but she gave it to me anyway. I guess I should have asked HT about that, too. Now it will either go to paying for gas next week, or to buying some more food. Either way, it's good to have.

It's just kind of weird, because a lot of the time, we're very good at coming up with excuses for not doing things that we don't want to do. (For example, we don't have to go apply to work at the 99cents Only Store, because we'd inevitably be working night shifts, and walking around this town at night seems pretty scary (especially when you've seen an entire bus painted to be an ad for a bail bond place).) And now that there's something we do want to do, but we're scared to do it, all these reasons come up that we have to put it off. It feels like we're making excuses. Maybe it's karma.

Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for the $20 Mom gave us, being able to get a full night's sleep, TokyoPop finally updating their website and the hope that they'll add more future release dates, the soothing color green, and My Little Ponies.
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