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Sortin' out Soarin'

Today we decided to go to the Disneyland office, partly in the hopes that the hype for that new Star Wars thingie would have died down enough that we could actually experience "the Experience," but mostly because sources say it's important and healthy to "go outside." And we happened to be on a first draft of a portable book, so it was a good day for it.

Our hopes in regards to galactic warfare yielded no fruit--for some reason, it would seem that the third week in February is a popular time to go to the park, so it opened at eight, and there was no way we were going to wake up early enough to get there by then. Instead, we got there at nine, which of course was far too late to obtain boarding passes. I'll hand it to them that the scarcity does make me even more annoyed that I haven't been on it yet, thereby making me want to go on it even more. And that annoys me, too.

But the good news is! they'll be bringing Soarin' Over California back for another limited time, which is super exciting! And because of that, we thought maybe we should give Soarin' Around the World another chance, so we could compare them more fairly. And so we did! ...But we started chatting after the first couple of scenes. Something reminded us of Miraculous, so... But we also paid attention! Just not full attention.

Anyway. We did end up on the very edge of the bottom row, so that allowed for Maximum Distortion! To create the three-dee effect that you're actually in the places instead of just watching a movie, the ride uses a curved screen. I don't know how all the concept works, but it seems like the people who made the Around the World version didn't, either, because they forgot to do what the Over California people did to make sure, for example, the Eiffel Tower didn't end up curving like a shrinky-dink as you "soared" up to its top. The effect is more pronounced the farther away you are from the center. That's one of the things that makes Around the World less ferior to Over California.

To its credit, there was more variety of motion than we remembered. We thought every scene either had you soaring forward and up, or forward and down. But there are some gentle right and left turns! One of them is in the Neuschwanstein scene--you soar up closer to the castle...then gently turn left (away from the castle) right before it switches over.

As previously mentioned, we paid attention to at least half of it, but we were chatting, so we couldn't fully analyze in-depth why it doesn't live up to its predecessor. I think things like the random leftward veering at Neuschwanstein do take away from it. I mean, if they want to show us these amazing landmarks, maybe it would be better to make sure we get a really good view of them. I also suspect the way the music matches up with each of the scenes in Over California contributes to its amazingness--I mean, the ride is basically the exact same concept, so why does one make me cry with happiness while the other one has me going, "Eh, it was alright, I guess."? I think syncing the music to fit the scene helped, but that was one thing I wasn't focusing on this time.

There's also just...I guess Over you soar over scenes with people, they're doing interesting things to watch. In Around the World, the animals wave to you at the North Pole and the elephant sprays you with dirt, so there's some interaction, but the CGI-ness of it makes it kind of robotic, I guess. Meanwhile, in the scenes with people, they're just being normal tourists, so there's nothing like the fisherman casting his hook or the snowboarder wiping out. And it's too grandiose anyway--you don't really get up close to what's happening, because they're too interested in impressing you with big stunning visuals. Like the new awful Fantasmic!. They're not trying to make you feel like a guest so much as to "wow" you. But I think people are wowed more when the thing wowing them touches their heart somehow. Soarin' Around the World is too impersonal. And, even giving them more credit for variety of movement than we did before, the movement just isn't that interesting.

Anyway. We ended up talking to a cast member for a while, which was pretty fun, but then we missed our window to get breakfast sandwiches at Earl of Sandwich, so we decided to work a little longer, get some milkshakes, and then we just went home. But it really was nice to get outside. And on the way home, we saw some cute little yellow-green birds!

Today I'm thankful for getting our work quota done, having a clearer idea of the differences between Soarin' Over California and Soarin' Around the World, having a nice time chatting with a cast member, the extra chocolate syrup that had settled at the bottom of our milkshakes, and still having time to play Pokemon and watch Miraculous.
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