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Dispelling the gloom

Oh my goodness, you guys, all our favorite entertainment is trying to wreck us. Edens Zero is getting really intense, but of course we can't give any details. Just be aware: it's intense.

In the meantime, we watched the time traveler episodes of Miraculous again today. They really are a lot of fun if you don't read too much into them. But we can't not do that.

Nevertheless! a re-watch helped us notice details that help us feel better at life. ...And one that could be taken an interesting direction. In Time Tagger, Mr. Ramier, the show's resident pigeon aficionado gets akumatized 25 times because whenever something happens to his beloved pigeons it just hurts him so much that he gets vulnerable to akumas. Apparently the solution to this is for him to fall in love with another urban pest, the rat. And at the end of the episode, after all his love and obsession with pigeons, he suddenly decides rats are better. And all I can say is pourquoi? Is Miraculous trying to tell us that our obsession with Miraculous is only going to hurt us, and therefore we should drop it like a hot potato in favor of something else? ...We would have to find something else first.

Anyway. First, we were a little...wary? or something, because when Bunnyx shows up and introduces herself as part of Ladybug and Cat Noir's team from the future, Cat Noir asks if he and Ladybug are an item in the future. She dodges the question in a way that could also be construed as a "no," which is how Cat Noir took it, because he responded, "Well, the future's not set in stone." That had us going, "hrrm."

Then we moved on to Cat Blanc, and while Ladybug is in the near-future fighting Cat Blanc, Bunnyx is in her burrow trying to figure out what happened, and she sees Adrien and Marinette kissing and goes, "It's worse than I thought!" That also had us going, "Hrrrrrrrrrm."

But then! at the end of the episode, Ladybug asks Bunnyx if she knows who Hawk Moth is, and Bunnyx says even if she did, she couldn't tell, because there's a time for everything. Aha! That's our one little ray of hope to say yes, it probably is okay for them to end up as a couple, just not at that time, and she can't reveal the future so she couldn't tell them. Whhhhhhhew.

Also, when Adrien figured out that Marinette was Ladybug, Plagg pointed out more than once that he's not supposed to know her secret identity and Did Not mention having to give up his Miraculous. Then Adrien ended up having to reveal his identity to Marinette, and neither of them gave up their Miraculous--they went off and confronted Hawk Moth. And all this lends credence to our theory that either it's not a hard and fast rule, it was made a rule after the events of Cat Blanc, or it was just a one-episode thing.

So now we're fairly confident we can continue to watch these episodes without having all our hope destroyed for the future. ...We'll see how we feel after the season finale.

Today I'm thankful for clearing up some gloom about Miraculous, getting to evolve some more Pokemon, finally getting this week's chapter of Edens Zero translated, remembering that we have Dove truffles, and our Wizarding World crates finally shipping! Woohoo!
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