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It's not easy, being green~

We've been playing with LJ layouts since they changed our layout yesterday. Okay, so not really; we mostly just browsed through some of the ones they had until we found a good one. Maybe one of these days we'll customize our layout and make it all personalized and stuff. In the meantime, now our layout is green.

It was very helpful yesterday, since we were all tired and stuff from walking to the 99cents Only Store, and then we thought we'd calm down by watching Kage Kara Mamoru and then 8 Simple Rules. But halfway through Kage Kara Mamoru, Celeste called (literally almost right after the eyecatch), and wanted us to try on the clothes she bought us to make sure they fit right. We still don't know if they fit right, but they look okay, so we're gonna go with that.

And then we turned on 8 Simple Rules, and they showed the two episodes right after John Ritter died, and there was a lot of crying. It was especially sad for us because we had just translated something similar, so it felt like our dad had just died twice. Maybe we get way too attached to fictional characters.

But then we came back to LiveJournal, and it was a nice, calming green color, and we felt better. The only problem is now our default icon, which is red, doesn't match nearly as well as it did the pink layout. The Zidane icon is the right shade of green to match really well, though, so maybe we'll change it. We'll see what happens when things calm down after our interviews.
Tags: colors, stress, translating

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