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This week has hit us pretty hard, but we think we're recovering! It helped that our nephew called today, and it was so cute because he realized that Shield might have an ice gym instead of a ground gym, so he was all, "Make sure to bring your fire Pokemon," and, "Let me know when you beat that gym!" And we felt a little bad about it, because the way our play style is going, it could easily be a few weeks before we get to it, even though we're pretty sure it's the very next gym, and we already made it to the town that it's in. We just want to level up and evolve all our Pokemon so we don't get any spoilers for the evolutions! ...But we also like to level our Pokemon up very slowly. Ha, ha, ha...

Anyway, we've been thinking about this latest batch of Miraculous episodes and finding reasons that there may be hope in regard to all the things that we were so distressed about yesterday.

It's this darn new rule, really. The one about how they have to give up their Miraculouses if they discover each other's identities. We watched the episode where that gets brought up again today, and it really made no sense. We even listened closely to make sure we understood as much of the French as we could. And it really seemed like Marinette was saying that if she found out who Cat Noir really was, she would have to give up her Miraculous. And that just doesn't make any sense, because she knows who every single other Miraculous-bearer is (except maybe King Monkey).

But! if this episode takes place after Cat Blanc, it's not entirely nonsensical. Chronology is a very strange thing in this series, so there's no telling when the events in one episode really take place in relation to the events of another (it's kind of maddening). Cat Noir discovering Ladybug's true identity somehow triggered the apocalypse. Marinette wasn't there watching the whole story unfold with Bunnyx, so she doesn't know how it happened, only that it did. So it's possible that she talked it over with Master Fu and they made that new rule to prevent the catastrophic future from happening again. This is the only reason it would make sense for there to need to be a punishment for them just knowing who the other one is.

What gives us more hope is that we realized the obvious fact that, if Marinette is the new Guardian, and the Guardians lose their memories when passing the torch as a means to protect the identities of the Miraculous bearers, that means it's basically her job to know who all the Miraculous bearers are. So this silly rule about them having to give up their Miraculouses would be null and void...for her. That's still pretty rotten luck for Cat Noir, but now Marinette will know that Cat Noir, who has been declaring his love for her the whole series, is the guy she's been in love with all along! ...We'll see if that ever plays out.

There is more reason for hope, too! ...I mean, I think. The Cat Blanc episode was such a whirlwind of emotions that I don't remember the details, so I might be wrong about this, but I distinctly remember Ladybug and Bunnyx discussing how it could be possible that Adrien's discovery of Ladybug's identity could lead to Cat Noir learning it, and I feel like Bunnyx instigated it. Whoever started it, there was no need for Bunnyx to ask, because she saw the whole thing--she knew how it worked. But if she's the one who asked Ladybug how that could be possible, it may be that she was trying to plant the seed in Marinette's mind so that Marinette (as opposed to Adrien) could be the one to figure it out first. Maybe it's not that they can't know, just that Adrien can't be the first to know. Or he can't know without Marinette knowing at the same time.

...Of course, we won't get confirmation on any of this until the story goes on...and Season Four is set to start in autumn of this year. So it looks like it will be about a year before the two of us learn anything.

Today I'm thankful for hopeful realizations in regard to Miraculous, getting to play lots of Pokemon today, finishing work early, getting to talk to our nephew, and getting to listen to our new CD tomorrow.
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