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We just watched Gundam Seed Destiny 28, and wow. It was...yeah. The really shocking thing about it is that it's Thursday and we're only just now watching it. What is that?

Random note: I like Strike Rouge; the color scheme matches our LiveJournal.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! Stupid Shinn killed Auel!!!!! I mean, sure Auel was psycho and scary, but he was adorable and played by Morita-oniisan(heartmark). And he has the cutest blue hair, and dresses like a Jedi! But now he's gone. I mean, when the helmet fills with blood, that's usually a pretty good indicator. Sad.

The scariest line ever uttered (well, so far) was in this episode. Kira lecturing Athrun about not understanding what Cagalli's trying to do, and then he says he's going to have to shoot Athrun down right before going berserk! But we didn't see Athrun's helmet fill with blood, so we're betting he's still alive. Plus, Kira's gotten really good at not killing people. If only Shinn had developed that skill...

Besides, if Kira killed Athrun, then Cagalli would definitely not be happy. It must be payback for when Athrun killed Kira in the last series.
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