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Turning the frown upside-down

Today did not start out so good, but it ended with great excitement. There have been some work things we've been working on that really only affect us but that are nevertheless important to us, and they have been stalling and we got grumpy about it. We also found out today that we have officially(?) been removed from a series--don't get mad on our behalf; this is actually good news. We had discussed it with editors and we told them we kiiiind of hate the series but we felt a sense of duty to work on it, and they said you know what, we'll see if anybody else can handle it. Turns out they did find somebody and the burden has been lifted. But we were grumpy about it anyway...just...because.

Actually, it was because sometimes we get this persecution complex, and the whole thing kind of had us feel like, "Oh, I get it. We're blacklisted now." It's most likely an overreaction, but that's how complexes work. Our motivation for work was dead, but we soldiered on! This volume of Waiting for Spring really is super adorable. We didn't finish it, though, because even when we're not being excessively gloomy, we think it's important not to push ourselves too hard, and we figured it won't be too hard to finish it tomorrow.

After that, we played Pokemon...well, actually we were going to watch Miraculous, because we wanted to make sure we got our two episodes in and we call Mom on Tuesdays, and sometimes we talk until we no longer have time to watch TV. But right before we could pull up Netflix, our nephew called! And that meant it was time to play Pokemon. So we played Pokemon pretty much for the rest of the day, even while we talked to Mom on the phone, because Pokemon is pretty good for that kind of multitasking.

But in the middle of it, we did take a break for dinner. We ordered pizza, because Pizza Hut has yet another new bizarre pizza invention--they put mozzarella sticks on the crust. Well, we love us some mozzarella sticks, so we had to try it! The verdict is that it's not that great an idea. But we've tried it, and the pizza itself still tastes pretty good.

The more important thing is that dinner gave us a chance to check email, and we got one about our translation blog that was very encouraging and another one that assured us we are not blacklisted, and we were feeling much better about life after that. I even managed to come up with more positive reasons to explain the things that were making us feel blacklisted and to basically just turn around and see everything in a better light.

Then we called Mom and played more Pokemon. We finally caught a Munchlax. We also got a Frillish--that happened earlier, but I wanted to mention it, because Frillish is awfully purdy. The Munchlax thing ended up taking us past our "turn off the game and watch Miraculous" time, but we are on a mission to convince whoever needs convincing that yes, there is a demand for Miraculous in French. So we decided to watch Miraculous anyway! So there.

Of course, before we go back to our Season One viewing, we have to check--maybe, just maybe it was a careless mistake that there was no French audio, and maybe, just maybe, Netflix has realized the error and fixed it! So we've been checking the first episode of "season five" every day since February 1. And because we didn't really have time to watch any Miraculous before we were supposed to go to bed, Athena said, "Wouldn't it be funny if today..."

...And then there it was. French audio for Season 3 Part 2. (Episode 1, anyway.) We had a brief panic attack as we tried to decide what to do about it, but it didn't last long. We know very well that we are not the type of people who can just stay up six hours past our bedtime. But we are the kind of people who have enough room in their schedule (especially since they just got taken off their most time-consuming series) to take tomorrow off. And that is exactly what we intend to do, and we are very very excited! But also very nervous, because if any of those episodes is lacking French audio, we are going to go nuts. But in the meantime, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Today I'm thankful for encouragement in regard to our translation blog, reminders that we are not blacklisted, getting to try Pizza Hut's new bizarre creation, feeling like we made some progress in Pokemon, and French audio on the new episodes of Miraculous! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
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