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Playing hooky

We did intend to get some work done today...I mean, mostly. And we did get some work done. But we have a whole week to finish this translation, so we thought it would be okay if we ended up taking it easy, and we knew our nephew had the day off from school, so if he happened to want to call at, like, eleven-thirty to play Pokemon, we were ready for that. He didn't, though, and that's probably how we got as much work done as we did.

He called at about twelve-thirty. And he was so distraught, it made us sad. He had been at the park and a dog came along and bit him on the shoulder! Apparently it was a rescue, and we're guessing it was triggered somehow, but dang, that would have been scary. I remember one time we were babysitting, and the family had a dog that Did Not like strangers, and much as we love animals, that dog freaked us out. I like to think I could handle it better now, but there's no telling.

Anyway, now he was home playing Pokemon in an attempt to recover. He was still pretty shaken up for a while, but he did eventually calm down and he was totally fine by the time his mom told him he had to get ready for baseball practice. He started a new game a while ago, and it isn't tied to a Nintendo account, so we can't link up with it via the internet, but we'll just turn on our Pokemon and be playing at the same time. There will be brief conversation, it will get quiet for a minute or two, then someone will ask what are you doing now? and the cycle will repeat. He went and got the fourth gym badge while we just kept on leveling up Pokemon. We felt pretty productive about it, though! Today we finally evolved our Joltik, our Galar Meowth, our Goldeen, our Electrike, and our Corphish! And we caught a Qwilfish!

And after Grawp left to get ready for practice, we just kept playing Pokemon. After dinner, though, we took a break to check out Netflix's new Locke & Key series. We found ourselves at a panel with the comic book creators last time we went to Comic Con, and it sounded pretty interesting. So we watched the first episode! ...And I am very interested in what's happening and solving the mysteries, and I like the characters and everything, but something about the tone of the show just makes me not like it. I don't know what it is. So we'll see if we keep watching or not. We'll always have Miraculous if we need something to watch, after all. And of course, we did also watch two episodes of that.

Today I'm thankful for our nephew making it out of the animal attack relatively unscathed (he just got a scratch on his arm and a hole in his shirt (which is a super bummer; I hate it when my t-shirts get torn)), getting to evolve a bunch of Pokemon, getting a little bit of work done before calling it quits, getting to try a new TV show, and having Pokemon and Miraculous to cheer us up after that show.
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