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Busy Sunday

Today has been a very full day. We went to church early for choir practice, and that was a little nerve-racking, because the performance was today, and there was a grownups' part and a children's part, but for the first half hour we only had one little girl for the children's part. We had one of the sopranos join her, and that turned out to be a good thing anyway, because when the other kids finally showed up, she was able to make sure they didn't get lost and that they came in at the right time for their last little bit at the finale. The song turned out pretty good, we think.

After that was Singing Time, and this week was Special because it was Ward Conference, which meant that the stake Primary presidency would be visiting to check things out and see how we're doing. We're not really the types to let that kind of thing affect us in any way--Athena was thinking about it last night and was like, "I'm not sure I'm really ready for Singing Time tomorrow, and there will be stake people coming to check it out...but oh well." So we had singing time like usual, but they were really impressed! Tadah! So it all worked out anyway, and we're grateful. I mean, it's not like they could have fired us or anything; we're volunteers. But the point is, what with the choir number in sacrament meeting and Singing Time, Athena got a lot of compliments today.

Then we had a linger longer, and this was the really exciting part. See, as people were filing in for sacrament meeting, we noticed one of the visitor families coming in, and we were like, "Wait a minute, that's our friend from college!" So at the linger longer we all sat together and had a great time chatting. She and her family had already been to Disneyland and will be heading home, so we missed the chance to be their tour guides, but they seemed to have a good time. We asked if they made it onto Rise of the Resistance, and she said her husband and oldest went on it, and her oldest (who was present for that conversation) said, "It wasn't worth the wait." Athena thought, "I like you, kid!" We just really appreciate anyone who isn't zombified by the Disney hype.

After church, we did our Come Follow Me studies, and then we had Adventures in Cooking. We had a Godiva flourless chocolate cake mix, and we were determined to actually use it! ...It was more involved than we realized, but not difficult, so we didn't make a mess of the kitchen or anything. That wasn't until after we put the cake in the oven, when we tried our hand at scrambled eggs. It wasn't too bad, though. Just a little more exciting than usual.

Finally, I found myself thinking about a movie we'd seen a trailer for many months ago that somehow stuck in my head enough to resurface this morning, so we checked Netflix for it and watched Leap!...also known as Ballerina. Apparently there's an American version and a Canadian version and they're different, even though they're both in English. It's only one of the many things about this movie that has us going, "Okaaay...but why?" There were many things that just were not convincing, but it was fairly enjoyable overall regardless.

And now here we are, getting ready to go to bed. We may or may not have some of that cake first. ...We're thinking about the steps we have left (there's a ganache, and more chilling and...) and thinking, "Eh, it can wait." So hopefully when the instructions told us to chill it in the fridge for two hours before doing the ganache, it was a "at least two hours" thing and not an "exactly two hours or the cake will be RUINED!" thing.

Today I'm thankful for the choir number going well, Singing Time going well, getting to spend time with an old friend from college, our kitchen adventures not being too disastrous, and getting to watch an interesting movie with some really cool ballet animation.
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