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Back to our day job

We're feeling pretty encouraged to get positive feedback on our translation blog! ...But we didn't work on it at all today. There are two main reasons for this. The biggest is that we got some suggestions we realized were right but require more work. This was daunting, so we decided to retreat for a little while and deal with other things because of reason number two! which is that we do still have a real job to work on. Actually, we have more time than we think we'll need for the next couple of translations, but because of all the work crunches we've had over the last forever, we get a little antsy about taking off more than one day at a time.

Actually, there's still some fatigue that we're trying to get over, too, and oddly enough, overdoing it on Ring Fit Adventure seems to not be helping. Go figure. That being the case, we were only planning to work for half a day today...but then it ended up being the last volume of the series...only then it had a to be continued at the end...because there's going to be a whole other volume of bonus stories...but the point is, once we started, we couldn't just stop. So we kept going and we finished it! Tadah! ...I mean, we finished the first draft. We still have to make sure it sounds good. We're super annoyed, because there's one bit where there's an entire page of legible text...or at least, it would be legible if it wasn't all covered in mud or whatever. So it's just barely legible, except when it's not legible at all, which means filling in a bunch of stuff with the Power of Imagination. That is not what we signed up for. ...Oh well, we'll figure it out. Next week.

Today I'm thankful for a very sweet final-ish volume of Waiting for Spring, finishing the first draft without too much trouble, still having a good amount of time to play Pokemon, remembering just how funny the Horrificator episode of Miraculous is, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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