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The battle continues

Today turned out to be kind of weird, schedule-wise, but mostly just because Page insisted on being let outside long before her usual outside-time. Also, we had to go to Target to get food for the strays, which had a super exciting conclusion in which we came home to a notice that we needed to get the food off our patio again.

We should have seen it coming, since they've been sprucing up one of the nearby units; I'm guessing it's ready to show now. But we let our guard down, because it hadn't happened in so long, and we hadn't seen the manager we assumed was behind it in months. This time, they even had a list of specific things we needed to remove, including the patio umbrella our neighbors bought to provide shade and shelter from the rain. We're not super attached to the umbrella, and it hasn't been that helpful against rain anyway, but I'm still annoyed about it, because the notice has an illustration of OK patio furniture and NG patio furniture for reference, and the umbrella we have looks a heck of a lot like the one in the OK group, and not at all like the one in the NG group. I'm pretty sure it's sheer spite that got it put on the list.

We made a teeny tiny bit of progress on our translation blog post. Turns out Japanese takes a lot of explaining. I just hope it doesn't get so technical that it turns people off immediately. We'll see if we can focus group it somehow.

And! we watched four episodes of Miraculous. There is hope! Whenever we start watching Miraculous, we check the first of the new episodes to see if we can change the audio to French. We still can't, but! before, the only subtitles option they had was OFF. Now there's an English (CC) option! I mean, of course they were going to have to add that eventually, but we're hoping the fact that it happened less than a week after the new episodes went live is an indication that we won't have to wait a whole three months to get French audio. We're very hopeful.

Today I'm thankful for cat lovers, finishing work very quickly, not dying from our Ring Fit Adventures today, getting to watch four episodes of Miraculous, and the hope provided by new closed captions.
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