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We started on a new series today, and we had read a preview of it, so we expected to be able to make quick work of it...and we were right! Oh my goodness, it was so nice to be able to finish a first draft in so little time. Sometimes what you really need in life is some work that just isn't as hard as what you've been working on. We finished it with plenty of time, and instead of using it all to play Pokemon (despite the sore temptation to do so), we decided to be responsible!

First, we got back to Ring Fit Adventure! The game is so concerned about our health, I love it. It knew we hadn't played in weeks, so it suggested lowering the difficulty level. The difficulty level hadn't been super challenging before we stopped, so we figured it would be okay to keep it where it was. ...And it was okay, but it was also rather more strenuous than it had been before our long hiatus. But we're on the road to better health again! Assuming we can stick with it.

After that came the really cool part. Since we still had a bunch of time, we actually got started on that translation blog we've been talking about for months and months and months! We started our first entry, and we think it's a pretty fun read so far. But while we were working on it, Grawp called, and that was the end of that. The Pokemoning had begun, and there was no turning back.

...Okay, that's not entirely true. We stopped to have dinner and watch Chihayafuru and work on a fan letter. But then we went back to Pokemon, and right when we were thinking of stopping to watch Miraculous, the Dynamax dens all activated again and we got a little carried away catching Milceries. But we recently realized you can get them to evolve into different colored Alcremies and now we're obsessed. The only problem is, we think you have to trade Milcery to evolve it, and Grawp and Grandma don't really seem to care about things like getting all the colors...but we haven't asked, and maybe they'll surprise us. We'll see.

We did make sure to watch two episodes of Miraculous, though! We wanted to watch three, since the next one is Copycat, but the last one we watched was about being responsible, and it ended past our "turn off the TV" time. So we'll just have to look forward to watching Copycat tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice easy series to work on, getting started on our translation blog, getting to play Ring Fit Adventure, getting to play Pokemon with our nephew, and getting to re-watch more Miraculous.
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