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We're really digging this light workload that we have going on right now. Today all we had to work on was one of our monthly simulpubs. Of course, it was our most text-heavy one and it had to have some nice info-dumps to make it extra special, but we did it! And we had lots and lots of free time afterwards! We thought about using it for Ring Fit Adventure, since we haven't been able to play it in over a month, but yesterday was Fast Sunday, so we thought maybe we should get our blood sugar back up a little before attempting that after so long.

Instead, we played Pokemon of course. And we evolved four of our Pokemon! Woohoo! It's always so exciting. We read the description for Runerigus and remembered just how creepy and morbid the ghost Pokemon descriptions can be.

As for Miraculous... The egregious error of forgetting to include French audio has yet to be corrected. We sincerely hoped it really was a mistake, even after chatting with a Netflix representative and being told they don't have the license. We thought maybe he was just saying that because obviously if they did have the license, there would have been French audio. Not that we were really surprised. We were very close to sampling the English dub, since Netflix or someone seems very intent on making sure that version gets seen (Miraculous is the only series we know of that requires us to change the language back to French from English for every single episode; we watched one episode of Seven Deadly Sins in French, and from then on all our other shows defaulted to French, except for Miraculous (until we changed the settings back)). But the odds of that making us grumpy are pretty high at this point, and we weren't ready to take that risk, especially since we decided it wouldn't help anybody. I don't know; maybe we need to see it for some reason. We'll find out when we actually get around to watching it.

Instead, we started back at the beginning and watched two episodes. The least we can do is let Netflix know we still love the show, and that there's an audience for the French audio.

Today I'm thankful for having a light workload today, getting to play plenty of Pokemon, getting to evolve a bunch of our Pokemon, getting to enjoy some earlier episodes of Miraculous, and having a new series to work on tomorrow.
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