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Wow, I was totally thinking of posting a LiveJournal entry, and then we came to check LJ stuff, and they randomly changed our layout and I completely forgot what I was going to write about. This is rather bizarre. When Athena saw it, she said she was thinking it was about time we changed our layout anyway. So it's not really a bad thing, just a little much for my brain to handle right now.

We haven't heard from our home teacher, so we decided to scrounge up all our loose change and go to the 99cents Only Store. So now we have milk and bread, as well as graham crackers, two boxes of corn muffin mix (just add milk or water!), and a tube of Pillsbury biscuits. This will hopefully last us until we get a check, assuming we don't pass out at our interview on Friday. Maybe we can stop by MacDonald's; we still have a $10 gift card, and a dollar or two left on the other one.

The shoes Celeste got us for the interview arrived today, and both pairs are pretty cute. Of course, I think a lot of things are really cute that aren't necessarily, which is part of why we don't bother buying shoes. The other part is lack of caring and money. And the fact that I see no reason to have more than three pairs of shoes at most. But the church shoes we have are old and getting tired. So we're glad we have a little sister who has the fashion sense to take care of stuff like that for us. The shoes have heels, though, and we're pretty tall, so now we're going to be super tall! Only not really. Just really tall. Or maybe just tall.

Today I'm thankful for the nice even-temperatured weather, $5 worth of loose change (excluding pennies), UPS, shiny new things, and new layouts.
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