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More new-to-us reading

It's been another relaxing Sunday. Dad called to wish us a happy Groundhog's Day. I keep forgetting it's one of his favorite holidays until he calls or texts. We mostly just talked about our workplace drama, with some linguistic geekiness thrown in.

We finished watching Relative Race last week, so we spent a little bit of time trying to decide what to do with ourselves. Athena reminded me that reading is a thing, but we were feeling a little too brain dead to get back into manga we read Jules Verne instead. ...Manga would not necessarily have been harder. I don't know how our reasoning works sometimes. But I can say that with manga, we would have had to find the books, and figure out who reads which one, and find a place to put it when we're done. With Jules Verne...

Well, I'd been thinking we needed to read Jules Verne, partially because of our current obsession with French storytelling, and partially because we know that Jules Verne had a strong influence on Disney Imagineering Legend Tony Baxter. I mean, there's a whole land at DisneySea that's basically Jules Verne Land (our Jules Verne Sea?). We've also heard things to the effect of the French version of Tomorrowland actually being Jules Verne Land (called Discoveryland, or something). So Athena mentioned reading, and I was like, "What could we read? ...Oh yeah, I wanted to read Jules Verne!" So we looked him up on iBooks, and the first option was a complete works collection that cost exactly nothing. Well, who were we to pass that up?

So the complete works of Jules Verne were suddenly right there on our iPads, which made it a much easier option. Except for the fact that the language is so old, and there's all this talk of latitude and longitude and stuff. It was kind of dense to read, but still very engaging. All the talk of geographical societies reminded us of Ducktales. The collection started with Five Weeks in a Balloon, so that's what we're reading now. We like it so far. We might have gotten farther in it (we read five chapters) if we hadn't remembered that we do still enjoy reading Josephus, so maybe we should read a chapter of Antiquities before we get to the sci-fi. That was pretty fun, too.

Today I'm thankful for getting to try some new reading, people showing up for choir practice, getting a ride home from choir practice, having a nice chat with Dad, and pre-church choir practice not being until ten.
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