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Not as Miraculous as we'd hoped

There is no way to honestly tell this story without spoiling the big reveal before I get to it (I mean, maybe there is, but I'm too tired to figure it out), so I'm just going to start right off by saying we did not binge watch new episodes of Miraculous today. Not for lack of planning, though. We even got out of bed earlier than usual on Saturday! I mean, we were awake, and we had motivation, so we figured we might as well. We took care of all our Saturday to-do list (which we kept short this week for obvious reasons), and were ready to just sit back and relax by about 12:30-ish.

With nervous anticipation, we pulled up Netflix. There was a big ad for Miraculous, probably because they knew we'd be interested, since it's pretty much the only thing we watch and we watch it every day. We immediately went to play the new episodes, and perhaps with a little more panic than usual (because of the auto-trailer function of Netflix and our desire to not be spoiled at all, much less with the English dub), we quickly pulled up the subtitles and audio option on the menu. It gave us two audio options: regular English and surround sound English. And it gave us one subtitle option: none.

And that was the end of our Miraculous marathon. I mean, we realize that Miraculous is pretty popular even among people who like to watch English dubs, and because we knew our nephews and niece were watching it, we started watching it in English, way back when we first sampled the show. I think we have a conditioned response against the kind of voice you hear in English dubs of cartoons, though, because we didn't even finish the first scene before we decided to look up the original language and watch it in that one. Because Netflix always defaults to English for this show (unlike with other shows, we have to change it to French manually for every episode), we have heard snippets from the dub, when we were too slow to change the audio. And we're just not as charmed by the English voices as we are by the French ones. Is it a love of the exotic? I don't know.

Anyway, the first thing we did...was go to the computer and check our regular morning websites. That's right; we had forgone our morning computer routine so we could get to Miraculous that much faster. When we were done with that, we went straight to Netflix's website and started a live chat to see if they could help us. Maybe the lack of French audio was a mistake, we hoped. The representative told us that those episodes aren't available with French audio, but we can watch them with French subtitles! (Apparently different devices have different subtitle options.) He also said we could look up French shows! But that's not what we want--we want to watch one very specific show, in French. Apparently it has something to do with the license.

So then we requested the French audio via Netflix's online request form, and we spent most of the rest of the day playing Pokemon. We can't help but wonder if it's our fault. Like, in the three months between our discovery that we could watch Season Two in French and the release of the first half of Season Three, we were watching several episodes of Miraculous (in French, of course) a day. Was that somehow a driving factor in getting the French audio for that one half of Season Three? We slowed down because we got busy, and we got tired, and we'd seen the episodes so many times that our tiredness overrode our brains' desire to watch, so we were falling asleep and not enjoying the episodes as much. We had to slow down so that we could keep enjoying the show (...and so we could play Pokemon). Not because we don't love it, but because the brain gets tired of repetition!

And now here we are, faced with maybe another three months before we get those episodes in French. Maybe more! We have no idea! We asked the Netflix representative if he had any idea when they'd get the license to the French audio, and he said no. Of course, that also means there's a chance we won't have to wait a whole three months, too! But in the last nine months, all Miraculous updates have happened at three-month intervals. And we don't know what to do about it! We've already seen all the available French episodes eight times (at least)! If we watch them all again, we'll have to watch the new episodes nine times to even it up! ...Of course, that might not be a problem but that's a lot fewer episodes to watch on loop...although I have faith that we will adore them.

When they first released Season Two on Netflix without French audio, it claimed that English was the original language, so we came up with a (silly?) theory that they were somehow trying to convince people to watch it in English. We couldn't bring ourselves to do it (partially because of our visceral (and entirely biased, I'll admit) distaste for English dubs and party because we knew our nephews and niece were watching it in English, and we want to think they're watching it at its best, so as long as we didn't watch it that way, it could be Schrodinger's dub: maybe it's good, maybe it's bad--we don't know!), so we just said well, hopefully they'll get the French audio eventually, and we stopped watching it. I don't want to do that, because I want to keep that connection alive, and because I want Netflix to know that we still very much want more.

So back to our theory, now we're like, "Seriously, is this some sort of cosmic conspiracy to get us to watch the English version?" I mean, as fans, we would want to know as much as we can about the show, so it does make sense to watch it in the language most of the other fans we talk to will be speaking. My feelings are like, "Fine! I'll watch your little dub! Is that what you want!?" So we're thinking we'll sample an episode. But not one of the new ones. When we watch those for the first time, we want to watch them with the cast that we've come to love.

So for tonight, we watched Glaciator again, for about the fifteenth time, in French. And we're right there with Adrien--defeated in love once more, but left with the hope that it will one day be requited.

Today I'm thankful for having a whole slew of Miraculous episodes with French audio to rewatch, getting lots of time to play Pokemon, finally evolving our Arrokuda, getting to watch Glaciator again, and being familiar enough with the subtitles for the scene on Marinette's roof that I can look at Cat Noir's beautiful face instead of having to read.
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