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Man, I don't think I've ever been able to relate to Goku so well in the respect of being hungry all the time. Remember the Mickey and the Beanstalk cartoon, when Donald and Goofy sing about how they "want to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat until I die"? That's how things have been lately. Well, as far as desire to eat. We have been eating more than a third of a bean between two slices of bread... except maybe not today or yesterday. It all depends on if that counted for one meal, or for all day.

Our home teacher is very nice, though, and when I told him that we're practically out of food, he said he'd get us some, so hopefully we'll get some bread and milk by tomorrow morning. And then, once we have milk, hopefully we'll be able to make stuff. Maybe I should have asked for butter and/or eggs. At any rate, milk can be very filling for us, so we'll be able to hold out until we get some money.

We've finally gotten to work on Fruits Basket 16. This is a very happy thing. Also, we finally got to see Katsuya. We have a habit of assigning voice actors to male manga characters that haven't been animated yet, or that we haven't seen animated yet. For example, we thought of Kazuma as a Kazuhiko Inoue character. That was a problem, because Kazuhiko Inoue already played Hatori. But then he was played by Norihiro Inoue. We're still wondering whether or not they're related.

We kind of think of Katsuya as a Toshihiko Seki character, because Seki-san tends to play the characters that seem very important to the story, but have already disappeared or died, like Kaien in Bleach. Obviously he plays a lot of characters that aren't like that, but it seems like if there is a character like that, he played him. It's kind of funny how sometimes if there's a character in a certain category, you can tell who plays them. Like how if someone's the devil or God, he's probably played by Jurota Kosugi, but if they're like, the son of perdition or something similar, they're probably played by Junichi Suwabe. And if somebody has a sister, chances are she's played by Michiko Neya. Except that one time when she didn't play someone's sister, but she did play a nun. And FullMetal Alchemist. Unless Hawkeye has a brother or a sister. Then she'd be someone's sister.

But anyway, Seki-san was already Momiji's dad, so that doesn't work. And the only other Seki we know of is Tomokazu Seki, and he's already Kyo. So I decided on Akira Ishida, because, while we already had him for Kureno, we decided that Katsuya's habit of using polite language while not really being very polite was enough like Hakkai that we could switch. Or play both. Not that it matters anyway, because we cast Soichiro Hoshi as Kakeru, and he ended up being played by Kenichi Suzumura in the CD drama. Ah well.

Tonight I'm thankful for being able to ramble about voice actors, being able to go to the bank, still having electricity, not having shedded cat claws in my blanket, and still having ice cream.
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