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Rise of the Resistant

Today we went to the Disneyland office. We were a little worried about it, because we wanted to make sure to be home in time for Grawp's usual phone call, and we weren't sure if that would give us enough time to finish our first draft, but Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight continues to be kind to us.

We also tried our luck at getting on Rise of the Resistance, the fancy-shmancy new ride (oh sorry, it's not a ride, it's an experience) that just opened at Star Wars Galaxy. It's the madness to a new level. For some reason, they have decided to dispense with the usual "get in line and wait the rest of your natural born life to get on the ride" business, and decided to issue "boarding passes." There's a limited number of boarding passes, and once they've distributed them all, if you don't have one, you don't get to go on the ride.

The extra exciting thing about it is that, instead of distributing them like Fastpasses (which they also do, but it's useless), they distribute them via the Magic of Wifi! Which means that as soon as the park is officially open, the option to reserve a boarding pass will open up on the Disneyland App. Naturally the entire population of California is watching and waiting for the link to go live (it only actually works if your pass has been scanned to let them know you're inside Disneyland), and they all slam that button as fast as their fingers will tap. This means that all of the boarding passes for an entire day can be distributed in literally seconds.

Gaston wanted to try for it last week, which is the only reason we have the Disneyland App at all--we don't need an app to know where the rides are; we already know. (It also tells you wait times, which we don't really care about, and lets you order from the fastfood places, which we don't mind doing in person.) We were going to keep trying for the paper Fastpass version, but some people just don't want to wait for all the hype to die down.

And that brings us to today. We were adamantly against waking up early for Disneyland Office, and I made it a point not to walk too fast on the way there because I didn't want to die (we have a nasty habit of pushing ourselves too hard when we end up walking places). Nevertheless, we managed to arrive and be through the Disneyland gates at 8:59...and the park opened at 9:00. So I pulled up the app and I tried for some boarding passes, and...we got them!! We were in boarding group 108...out of 40. Yes, in addition to the madness that is the entire park staring at their phones for this business, they have the "you're definitely going to get on" passes and the "if you're lucky..." passes. I suspect the small number of "definitelys" is in case of ride shut-downs--it's a new attraction, so there's bound to be some of that (or a lot, because this "experience" seems to have a ton of moving parts). Anyway, if they manage to board all the definitelys, and the park's open long enough, you can get on even if you have a high number.

While we waited to see how that went, we got some work done, of course! That was the whole reason we went. ...And there was one other reason we went: the Lunar New Year celebration! Tadah! It was pretty much the same as last year, only with Mickey and Minnie instead of the Three Little Pigs. We wanted to buy t-shirts, but they kind of threw us for a loop this year. It's the Year of the Rat, so we wanted to get the shirt that has a rat or mouse on it, but they...don't...really have one? I mean, they have one with Mickey on it, but he's also with Donald and Goofy, and the main focus seems to be the dragon dance they're doing. So it's like, "Guys? It's the year of the mouse and you don't have a shirt prominently featuring Mickey Mouse? What's the deal?"

Of course, we would just buy it anyway, except! they also have another, Annual Passholder exclusive, shirt...and the Annual Passholder exclusive part actually annoys us no end, but! It has Chip and Dale on it!! And it's so cute!!! So now we're undecided about which shirt to get, because we can't afford to get two of each. We could get one of each, but not getting matching shirts defeats the purpose of getting a shirt with Chip and Dale on it. So in that case, don't get Chip and Dale, get the other one. But then we'd both have the same one, and if we both had the same one, we might as well get Chip and Dale. But that one definitely doesn't have a mouse on it. So get one of each. But... And so the dilemma continues in circles. We have brought up the point that technically Chip and Dale are also rodents, so maaaaybe it counts? We're just annoyed, that's all.

Anyway. After all that business, we finished our first draft of Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, really early despite the last three pages alone taking about half an hour (there was an interview; it wasn't even hard to translate, but there was a lot of words). Then we checked the status of Rise of the Resistance. They were boarding through like group 60 or something like that. And we were like, "Yeah, we're not going to get on that before Grawp calls.) So we caught a show of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, we canceled our boarding pass, and we went home. The end.

Later, we didn't get a call from Grawp, but we did get one from Mom, who had a three-way call going with Grawp. There was much Pokemonning.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the Lunar New Year procession, getting to see Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight being very kind to us (we think the edit will go quickly, too, which is good, because unless he changed his plans, Gaston is coming back tomorrow), getting to play Pokemon, and getting to watch Oblivio again. Only three more sleeps until new Miraculous! EEEEEEEEEE!!!

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