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Belated Christmas festivities

Day two of our easy week continues. There's actually a chance the second half will turn into a crunch due to our procrastination, but Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight has been good to us so far, so we think it will be okay. And we didn't take the day off today like we did yesterday. We had a weekly simulpub chapter and a monthly one! And we did both of them!

And then! We played Pokemon! BUT FIRST! we actually did some chores. We had a bit of an unusual circumstance involving our Christmas tree this last Christmas. We got the tree all set up, but then the water heater started leaking, so we had to move some stuff into the Christmas tree area, which meant it ended up being extra cluttered. It would have been an easy de-clutter, but the area where we had all the stuff (near the water heater closet) now had a gross muddy floor. (It wasn't, like, super duper gross; it was dried and stuff, but it was still bleh.) Of course the simple solution to that is to mop it, but you may recall we've been ridiculously busy in the extreme for the past two months, and if we ever had a few minutes to spare, they quickly got whisked away by work or people or Pokemon... But in our defense, when it was Pokemon, it was because we had already worked until about eight or eight-thirty.

So our plans to spend some evenings using our import PS3 to watch Japanese stage shows on DVD while enjoying our Christmas tree lights were absorbed into the black hole of our busy schedule. We were thinking of taking the Christmas tree down on Saturday, but then we had that Primary meeting, and our energy was sapped, and we thought, "Y'know, if we leave it up for just a few more days, we might be able to watch a Japanese stage show on DVD with the tree lights on once before we take it down." So on Saturday, we cleaned the area around the water heater closet, and today we de-cluttered the living room, and this evening, we finally watched an import DVD and enjoyed our Christmas tree lights.

And that DVD was...Ad-Live! We watched the first disc of our Ad-Live 2018 DVD about...six months ago? and now we finally watched the second one! And oh my goodness, it was silly. I think it might have been less silly than the first one, but it was still...very much itself.

Then we watched Miraculous, as usual. And now here we are.

Today I'm thankful for getting a chance to watch a DVD and enjoy our Christmas tree lights (we did always enjoy them at dinner time, so we're not quite as deprived as I might have made it sound), finally seeing the second part of that Ad-Live DVD, also having time to play Pokemon, finishing work really early today, and having a de-cluttered living room (at least for now).
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