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Taking a day off

We were supposed to work on a simulpub chapter today, but we didn't get the files, so instead! we played Pokemon. Pretty much all day. It was kind of awesome, but also just a liiiittle bit daze-inducing. But we did get some cool new Pokemon out of it. After all these years, we've finally seen Togekiss. And we got Grawp to help us evolve our Spritzee into an Aromatisse.

Actually, the files did come in the afternoon. But by then, Athena had a Page on her lap, and Page was very comfortable. She just showed no interest in getting up until Grawp called at about 4:45. And then we were playing with Grawp, so obviously we weren't going to stop to do any work. And when we were done with that, we had to eat, because we had skipped snacktime and we were starving. And that's when we finally decided maybe we could do something other than play Pokemon, and we watched an episode of Perfect Harmony and an episode of Chihayafuru. It's a really good show, that Chihayafuru. And it reminds us that there is less than a week until new Miraculous!! AAAAAHHH!!! ...After that, we played a little bit more Pokemon (evolved our Sinistea into a Polteageist), and then we watched Miraculous. Today's episode was Oni-chan, and that is one episode that has us extremely anxious about what we might see in the second half of this season. Just five more days...

Today I'm thankful for getting to spend a whole day playing Pokemon, getting caught up with Chihayafuru just in time for the next episode (which we probably won't watch until after we're caught up with Hanako-kun), getting to spend the afternoon with Page, getting to spend the evening with Grawp, and still having lots of chocolate to look forward to.
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