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The tired hit us hard today. It was going pretty okay, actually, but then it was time to lead and accompany the closing hymn in sacrament meeting, and suddenly it was like BAM! tired. I mean, it wasn't really that dramatic; we managed to do it anyway and I don't think anybody was the wiser, but oh man. And we still had to do Primary and choir practice. It was tough, but we made it!

Then we came home and basically couldn't move. I mean, normally when I think of not being able to move, it's because of soreness from too much physical exertion or achiness from the flu or something, but in our case, it was just a deep tiredness. Athena says, "That's what it feels like to be out of batteries." We started the Come Follow Me lesson for this week, and we could barely stay awake to read it. But the idea with Come Follow Me is that you're supposed to be thinking about the lesson all week long, so it's probably a good thing to do it a little bit at a time. We just need to remember to add it to our schedule. And fortunately, even with Gaston coming back, we should have some extra time for scripture study.

In the meantime, we just finished Season 6 of Relative Race. I'm glad the finale remembered the title of the show (all the challenges were race themed), but I still like it better when it's related to the relatives. Anyway, Team Blue is the best couple ever.

And now it's 8:15 and I'm falling asleep a little bit. I do hope we can spend this coming week recharging a little bit. We still have work to do, of course, but hopefully it will be easy on us.

Today I'm thankful for the day of rest, having another good turnout for choir practice, getting to watch another good season of Relative Race, having a relatively light workload this week, and new Miraculous being less than a week away.
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