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Primary Leadership Meeting

Today was a really good day. I mean, it started early, of course. I think it was the Holy Ghost that made sure we were both awake at six-thirty. It was really great, though, because it meant we had time to send Pokemon out on some Poke-jobs before we had to leave.

The meeting itself was really great, too! We had known about it for a while, but only that it was going to happen and when. We found out on Thursday that Cristina B. Franco, the second counselor in the General Primary Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was going to be there. She's one of three women who are in charge of Primary for the whole church all over the world, so it's kind of a big deal. When we got there, we found some seats in the chapel and looked around, and there she was, just chatting with and hugging everyone she came across. I love how all the general authorities are just so friendly and caring. Since the whole point of the gospel is to teach us to love and serve each other, it seems like that's how leaders should be.

Not entirely surprisingly, the meeting didn't really present anything new or revolutionary. Pretty much it was just to remind us of how things work. And Sister Franco answered questions in regard to the new Children and Youth program that the Church just rolled out. All of that stuff has already been covered, too. But the spirit was strong, and it was just a nice feeling being there.

It did take a while, though, so we were a little worried that we wouldn't get to play Pokemon as much as we wanted to, since we still had all our regular Saturday stuff to do, and we wanted to do some chores, since we hadn't been able to because of extreme busyness. What I mean to say is, our Christmas tree is still up. But we did do a little bit of de-cluttering, sweeping, and mopping, before our bodies said, "You have been working too hard for too long this week! STAWP!"

So we did, and we played Pokemon, and it was great. We finally got our Hatenna to evolve into Hattrem, but I have to tell you, because this is so cute. Sometimes Grawp likes to trade, like, three Pokemon at a time. We keep forgetting to catch extras, so we don't always have anything to trade, which makes things a little awkward, but that's not the point. The point is, he traded us a Hatterene, which is the final evolved form of Hatenna, and it's very very pretty and we love it. The next day, he traded us a Hatenna, and informed us that it was the first form of the tall Pokemon he'd traded us the day before. And the thing is, when he trades Pokemon with us, sometimes he goes, "There's a Pokemon I wanna trade you." So it's like he sees this Pokemon, and he thinks his aunts just have to have it. And we're just like, "Dang, if our nephew associates us with Hatterene, I will take it." (Of course, it might just be that he sees it and thinks we'll like it because Athena told him she likes psychic type, or he thinks it's cool but not cool enough to keep himself, or any number of reasons. And I also wonder if he would be embarrassed to know I write this stuff about him, but that's why I give him a code name.)

Anyway. Today I'm thankful for getting to go to a really neat Primary leadership meeting, not having trouble waking up in time for it, getting to try the new pretzel Poptarts, getting to play a fairly good amount of Pokemon, and one week until new Miraculous!!
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