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The Hardest Week

We did it. We finished Saint Young Men...sort of. There were a couple of things that maybe could have used some notes, but those notes would have taken more research and brain power than we're capable of at the moment. We're so tired and tired of working that we just don't care. And we figure if it's a big deal, our editor can ask for us to write notes later.

In the meantime, the Hardest Week isn't over yet. ...It's probably not the hardest week we've ever had to deal with, but it's the hardest in a long line of consecutive hard weeks that have been going since, like, November. So I've been mentally calling it the Hardest Week. ...It may not actually be harder than every week in this series of hard weeks, either, except for the fact that it comes with all the tired from the previous hard weeks, and a nice (un)healthy dose of sleep deprivation. I like to think the series of hard weeks is going to end after this one, too, so I feel like Hardest Week is an appropriate name. Our schedule lightens up significantly next week...but Gaston will be coming again, and we have a monthly simulpub, so a bunch of little things seem to be adding up to make it not the vacation-like week we'd hoped. But it will still be less intense than the last several weeks!

Anyway. We have to wake up extra early tomorrow because there's a Primary meeting at nine, and we have to leave early for logistical reasons. Our tired brains have an extremely difficult time being okay with this, but I just keep telling myself it's okay, we can sleep in on Sunday. I am so grateful for eleven o'clock church.

Today I'm thankful for being finished with another volume of Saint Young Men, getting to watch Weredad again today, only having one full volume due at the end of next week (plus simulpubs), church being at eleven on Sunday, and the hope that we'll have a good chunk of time to play Pokemon tomorrow.
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