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We're up a little late tonight because we tend to get reckless when our schedule is being crushed. We have all the way until Friday to finish a volume of Saint Young Men, which should be plenty of time, but guess who called! That's right, it was Gaston! We knew he would call; we could feel it in our bones.

And we were fully prepared to say, "You know what, next week would be way better for that." But this time it wasn't an "I'm thinking of coming down" call so much as an "I'll be there tomorrow, see ya!" call. I mean, we still could have said no, but you know us. And the reason there's no flexibility in the date is that this week is when his hockey buddy is going to be at Disneyland, so he's going to meet them there. It was even harder to say no when he informed us it was a friend we'd spent the day at with Disneyland before, and his friend's kids were asking for us. We're just too darn lovable.

So we made sure to finish our first draft of Saint Young Men, which of course meant working after dinner. But it didn't last all the way until bedtime, so we also played Pokemon...and we all knew that was not going to end on time. But we enjoyed it, and that's the important thing. And then we watched the Bakerix episode of Miraculous, and it was a good time all around. And now we should get to sleep or we'll really be hurting this week.

Today I'm thankful for finishing our first draft, getting to play Pokemon, getting to watch Miraculous, hopefully getting to watch the new show at the Golden Horseshoe tomorrow, and maybe also getting to buy new Lunar New Year shirts.
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