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It's official

We are officially caught up on all our work! Tadah! We even turned in My Monster Secret yesterday, on its deadline, instead of today, after its deadline. And we did it in only two days! Woohoo! We weren't entirely free, though, because we still had some Edens Zero extras we needed to get done, but we pretended we were!

We had a little time after finishing My Monster Secret to play some Pokemon, and we took that to mean we had a lot of time. We ended up playing until significantly past our bedtime, and we still wanted to watch Miraculous. I may or may not have mentioned this before, but we're on track to watch the last available episode on the last day of January, which is significant, because we've been fairly certain for a while now (like, a few days after November 1) that Netflix will give us new episodes on the first day of February, so we weren't going to let a little thing like being up too late deter us from that schedule. And! when we pulled up Miraculous today, Netflix told us that Season 5 (their name for Season 3 Part 2) will be available February 1! Woooooohooooooo!!!! We're so excited! And it will be after our super work crunch and everything!

See, even though we're officially caught up...well, that just means we don't have anything past deadline anymore. Next week, we have all week to work on Saint Young Men, and knowing that series, the chances that we will need all of that time are not slim.

But anyway, we insisted on playing Pokemon forever because we were thiiiiiiis close to getting into the area where we could finally catch Ponyta! And all the people we're playing with have expressed a desire for a Ponyta, and we discovered that Ponyta is apparently a Shield exclusive. Mom and Grawp are both playing Sword. So it falls on us to catch Ponyta for everyone.

...We still only caught one, because the first one we battled accidentally got knocked out with a critical hit from Razor Leaf. This game can be quite cruel sometimes. Anyway, this first one is earmarked for Grawp. We played a bunch today, but we were in, "We have to level up ALL THE POKEMON!!!" mode, so we left the Ponyta habitat and went back to the Wild Area for that purpose. But! we now have all the Eeveelutions, and we caught a Morelull, which is kind of annoying, actually, because the Ponyta habitat is also crawling with Shiinotic, but we hadn't seen hide or hair of Morelull anywhere until that point. Turns out we can only catch it during certain weather, which (according to Mom's research, which she relayed to us because we asked her for a Gothita) we haven't unlocked yet. But you can still catch 'em all via Max Raid Battles, apparently. Why must you torment us like this, Pokemon? So we'll be checking those Dynamax dens every day for Clefairy, Sableye, and Solosis.

We also evolved our Yamper! And the Seedot Mom traded us. But you're not here to read a list of all the Pokemon we've been thinking about.

Today I'm thankful for being officially caught up with work, Netflix confirming that more Miraculous is only two weeks away, getting to try our new shoes on our way to and from the grocery store, having all the Eevees, and getting to sleep in again tomorrow.
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