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I want to start singing, "We did it, we did it!" I think there's a song in My Fair Lady where somebody sings "You did it," but I haven't seen that show since college, and I hate Henry Higgins, so... But the point is WE DID IT!!!!

We finally finished Sailor Moon! There is a little twinge of, "Oh no, it's over..." But mostly the feelings I have are accomplishment and, "Aww, that was nice." And also, "What in the... I just can't even," in regard to the two short stories at the end. I mean, we had read them before many years ago, and several weeks ago when we did our first draft, but it's still just like, "???" It is a nice, satisfying ending, though, and Sailor Moon was a lot of fun, but almost always rushed. And it was a lot of work. This time, we made it a point not to let ourselves overthink the dialogue, which was something that had really slowed us down in the past, but as we worked on it today, we kept running into things that had us going, "Oh yeah, it wasn't just our overthinking it. This dialogue is legitimately hard to translate."

So we're super excited. We're especially excited because now we haven't missed any deadlines! ...We're very close to missing our next one, but if we're lucky, we'll only be a day late at the most! But if we don't finish it on Saturday, we'll probably have to put it on hold for a week. This one is exciting, too, though, because it's also the last volume in the series! (We're also hoping this means big pictures with minimal text.)

The sad news for today is that we missed two calls from Grawp! Nooooooo!!!! As soon as Athena realized, she immediately texted Sarah to see if it was okay to call him back, but he was about to go to a Primary activity, and then to bed, alas. It was okay, though, because we had to have dinner. We do know that he had some exciting Pokemon-related news to share. We're so bummed that we missed it! We hope he tries again tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for finishing Sailor Moon! Woohoo!, being blessed with the chance to translate Sailor Moon, being fairly well convinced that Grawp doesn't think we're ghosting him, having time to play Pokemon, and now only being a little behind on work.
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