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Scary Day

Today was a Scary Day. But we feel like we dealt with it very well. We realized that it's possible that the reason we haven't gotten a check yet is that they started a new system about three months ago where they don't process the invoices until they get the books back. We usually wait until we have a few to send at once before we go to the post office, and usually a few days wouldn't be enough of a problem that it matters. This just happens to be a time when it matters a lot.

So we called one of the places we owe money, and they said basically that we need to come up with the money somehow or we're really in trouble. The guy was very sympathetic about it, though, so at least it wasn't any more painful than it was. The scary part was that the only thing we could think of would be to call Mom, and that would have been a lot more painful, and might not get us any help anyway. But at Family Home Evening tonight, the Bishop came to the rescue and loaned us some money so we won't be utterly destroyed.

Tonight I'm thankful for having powdered donuts at FHE, Bishop to the rescue, friendly representatives, getting manga in the mail, and getting business-y type clothes in the mail.
Tags: money issues, stress, tender mercies

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