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We're getting there

I suspect our style of Pokemon play is officially too boring for our nephew. He didn't call us today. But! his mother did text us to get help explaining to Grawp's friend's mother how they can do link trades and link battles, so we're pretty sure he was playing with his friend instead, and that's a very good thing. It also makes sense with the timing, since today was his second day back at school.

As for us, we thiiiiink we're on track to only sort of missing one more deadline! If we can finish Sailor Moon tomorrow, then we'll have two days to finish My Monster will probably take three, but if we work on Saturday, we might even get it in before we have to start Saint Young Men next week! So in our optimism, as I mentioned yesterday, we continue to spend our evenings playing Pokemon. I mean, tonight was our night to call Mom, so we would have had Pokemon in the background during that anyway, especially with Mom playing Pokemon, too. She already has her sixth gym badge. We're close to getting our fourth!

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on Sailor Moon, being caught up on Fuller House again, finally catching a Hippopotas after that one in the Wild Area was too high a level, fresh Triscuits, and getting to watch the Sandboy episode of Miraculous again.
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