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A different sort of monotony

It seems the monotony of our posts has shifted from, "We spent all day working," to, "We decided to not work all day and play Pokemon instead." The difference this time being that we only got one call from the nephew, because school started up again today. He does still have an uncanny ability for calling right after we finish our minimum work quota, so that's good. I guess we should start setting bigger minimum work quotas if we actually want to catch up.

We think we can do it, though! We just have to finish Sailor Moon, and then we have a volume of My Monster Secret. Sailor Moon is usually pretty time-consuming, and My Monster Secret is usually pretty we may end up having to really buckle down in the second half of the week, but I think things are looking pretty okay.

Meanwhile, we're pretty excited because we got a Best Friends ribbon for Rillaboom! When we first met the Best Friends ribbon giver, we were a little bummed because Rillaboom didn't quite like us enough to earn a ribbon, but we took him camping, and now we've done it! Tadah!

We're still going super slow on the leveling up and story progress, though. But that's just how it's going to be sometimes.

Today I'm thankful for meeting our work quota, being done with the hard part on those Sailor Moon short stories, finally getting the shoes we ordered, Rillaboom getting a Best Friends ribbon, and there finally being some jobs available for water-type Pokemon.
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