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Slow progress

I feel as though today has been a day of working but not really getting anywhere. We worked on Sailor Moon, but we spent forever and ever trying to find a way to make a pun on sea lions and getting coffee. We did come up with something eventually, but oh my gosh, you guys, it's so bad. We think it's bad in an acceptable-for-the-context way, though... After that, work picked up, so we didn't feel like our efforts were entirely futile.

And of course, there's always the argument that we could have made even more progress if we hadn't played Pokemon. But I will rebut that argument by saying Pokemon is necessary for our mental health at this point in time, and if we didn't stop to play it, we would have only accelerated the advent of another breakdown. So we stopped to play Pokemon. The goal was to evolve some of our non-evolved Pokemon, so we could go on to new areas without seeing the evolved forms pop up everywhere. It's hard, because our favorite part of Pokemon is to be surprised by the new Pokemon, and especially to have a Pokemon evolve and get to see what its new form looks like. But if we see the new form just wandering around in the wild, then it's like, "Yeah, seen it." It's not as fun.

So we want to evolve all our Pokemon! But we have a lot of Pokemon. And they're taking forever to level up. And our nephew just wants us to go on with the story and have strong Pokemon. So we're constantly conflicted. But we persevered! ...And evolved zero of the Pokemon we were working on.

But there is a bright side! While we were trying to evolve Pokemon, we were also hatching Eevee eggs. And we finally got our eighth Eevee, which meant it was time to start the Eeveelution Revolution! The rEeveelution? Well, anyway, the point is, now we have all of them except for Espeon and Sylveon. We were really worried about Umbreon, though, because we nicknamed all of them before evolving them, and time seems to work very strangely in Galar. So we went to the one place to level them up, but it was still daytime there, so we went to the Wild Area, and it was nighttime there, but we didn't want to fight those Pokemon to level up, so we just went camping over and over and over until that Eevee evolved. (It was also a good way to make sure it was feeling friendlier toward Athena, too.) But because of the weird time thing, we still weren't sure if it was going to be an Espeon or an Umbreon. We were so relieved when he evolved into Umbreon, oh my goodness.

And those endeavors had us up a liiiittle bit later than usual, but that's okay, because church doesn't start until eleven! Woohoo!

Today I'm thankful for making better progress on Sailor Moon than it seemed like we would at first, being well on our way to having all the Eeveelutions, finally getting a good look at Glaceon and Leafeon (we found out about them and, even though we hadn't played Pokemon in forever, we were like, "No! We're going to play Pokemon again, and when we get them in the game, then we'll look at them!" (that was like four years ago)), getting to watch the first episode of In/Spectre (again), and getting to sleep in again tomorrow.
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