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A very brief respite

Oh goodness, we are up way too late. But we did it on purpose! We managed to finish the two Saiyuki volumes that were due today, and then we took at TV/dinner break before we read over them a final time. That took about an hour, but we were still determined to play Pokemon! And we ended up doing that for longer than maybe we should have, but it's Friday, so we figured it was okay. And then we watched an episode of Miraculous, and now here we are.

The strange(?) thing is that Grawp only called us once today. It was a very good thing, because it helped us finished work a little sooner, but now we're worried that he's starting to think we're boring. Maybe that's a good thing, too, at this point... But we do like playing with the kid. Oh well, I'm sure he was just having fun doing kid stuff.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon with Grawp, getting to play more Pokemon after work, still only being behind on one deadline (which we keep getting farther and farther behind on...), finishing those Saiyuki volumes, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
Tags: busyness, family stuff, pokemon

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