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Self control is hard sometimes

We were good today! Grawp called twice, and both times we limited our Pokemon time to just half an hour. It was really hard. But we did it! And it's a good thing, too, because work turned out to be harder than we expected. We should have known the chanting would give us trouble. We worked almost until bedtime. But we also took time out to go to Target, so even though we only have slightly less left to do tomorrow, there's a chance we'll have more free time. Or more time to catch up. Le sigh.

To be honest, I knew we weren't really going to have free time in January, but hope springs eternal. And it's harder when Grawp is out there catching all the Pokemon and then like, "I don't really want it, here." I mean, we love that he's so generous, but we do hope he he lets us catch some Pokemon for ourselves! It was so sweet, though. He found the scientist that takes your fossils and makes Pokemon out of them, and he mentioned one fossil, and he said, "I had two, so I got you one." And we were like, "♥♥♥♥!!!" He really is a good kid. (And there are literally hundreds of Pokemon, so there's a very strong chance we will get to catch more on our own.)

Today I'm thankful for our nephew being so generous, meeting our work quota, work also being pretty darn fun, getting to go to Target, and getting to play a little Pokemon.
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