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An unusual day at the office

We went to the Disneyland Office today! And oh my goodness, it was a little bit scary, because we were like, "What if Grawp calls and wants to play Pokemon and we can't play Pokemon and we ruin his whole day which is one of the last days of his (excessively long) winter break and he's just sad and devastated and we destroy his life?" We had to tell ourselves that kids are actually much more resilient than that. And in fact, he did call and the first thing he said was, "I'm playing Pokemon...!" in that tone of voice that says, "So I know you want to play it with me...!"

We told him we weren't at home right then so we couldn't play, and he was just like, "Why?" almost in a, "What is wrong with you?" tone of voice, but more just because it was a really weird concept. We're always at home. But he understood when we asked him if he ever just felt like he needed to get out of the house. So we promised we'd talk to him when we were at home playing Pokemon. And later, Sarah sent a text message to everybody that was a picture of him happily playing Pokemon by himself, so we could see that he was not languishing in despair over our inability to join him for Pokemon. ...And you know, when you put it that way, it sounds awfully self-centered of me to assume that Grawp needed us to be around in order to be happy. I should remember this. But maybe the problem is I need to feel important... Hmmm... There is clearly much Psychology at play here.

Anyway. Aside from our leaving off work early so we could rush home and get back to Pokemon with Grawp, our adventures were not adversely affected by, nor did they adversely affect, anyone's happiness. And we finished work after we got home and played Pokemon for a while. Then, after dinner...we played more Pokemon. We probably should have worked more, but...we didn't.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to the Disneyland Office, Grawp being pretty cool with it when we said we'd call back later, also getting to talk to Grawp anyway just not while playing Pokemon, also getting to play Pokemon with him and on our own, and chocolate. I don't really have a specific chocolate thing to be thankful for today, but I'm thinking about chocolate, and I like it. Maybe we'll go have some after this, but maybe we'll sleep instead.
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