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We may have a problem

We ended up not going to Disneyland today, which was a bit of a surprise, but it does have a precedent. So we did manage to get more work done than we expected to, but maybe not as much as we should have. I think we all know why. It was Pokemon. Of course there was the "valid" excuse: our nephew called, so of course we had to play together. But even then, if something caught our attention soon before he ran out of Switch time, we would just keep playing after he had to stop.

And of course, he has developed a system. His mother wisely limits his screen time and sets rules and stuff, but she has also made it possible for him to earn more screen time. So he'll call us, we'll play for a while, and when he runs out of screen time, he'll hang up, go earn more screen time, then call back so we can play together some more. It's super fun and we love it, but we do find ourselves wondering when we're going to get our work done. The problem is we want to do all of it...but we want to play Pokemon more.

Anyway. That being the case, even without our nephew's help, we managed to stay up too late playing Pokemon. ...I mean, we played Pokemon during our weekly phone call with our mother, and after she hung up, I had a cat on my lap, so naturally we had to keep going. And then we figured we should get a little bit more work done, since we didn't meet our quota today, so we did, and then we still watched Miraculous. And now if I can finish this entry fast enough, we might just barely be the regular amount of late to bed.

Today I'm thankful for finally beating that Gigantamax Snorlax, having a great time playing Pokemon with Grawp, work going pretty quickly when we actually did sit down to do it, Mom catching us a Seedot, and Page giving us an excuse to keep playing.
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