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The crunch has returned. Not that it ever really left, but now it's really making itself known. I mean, we met our "pretending we're not behind" quota very easily, which is to say, we finished it despite doing laundry and extra phonecalls from our nephew. One of them was about forty minutes of listening to him flip through his Pokemon encyclopedia saying, "I wish this game had this Pokemon." (It was really cute, and his mom texted and offered to kick him off the phone if we needed to get back to work. We didn't think it was that urgent at the time.)

We also fielded a call from Gaston, who is already ready to go back to Disneyland. This was a bit of a surprise, because we're used to him not coming in January. And certainly not so dang early. Is it faulty memory? I don't know... But the point is, there's a strong possibility we'll be at Disneyland tomorrow afternoon and the next morning. We were actually planning to go to Disneyland Office tomorrow anyway...but the plan might be changing.

Why? Because we finally got an email from our editor on Sailor Moon! And Sailor Moon is the book we've been pretending doesn't exist. I mean, we had been intending to work on it today, and Saturday, and Friday, and Thursday, but then we kept playing Pokemon instead. So tonight we had to forgo Pokemon in favor of Sailor Moon. And we do really like Sailor Moon, so it's really not that tragic, but there is a bit of, "But Pokemon..." longing.

Anyway, our editor didn't ask for us to get our butts in gear and turn the translation in. She asked for a progress report, and she gave us a couple of days even for that. And I really wish it was a simple matter of switching priorities, because then we could just say, "Yeah, I think we could get that in by the end of the week." But we have two other books due on Friday, and those come complete with politics. We think we've come up with a plan that will work, but we're still looking at very little extra Pokemon time (and/or sleep) until we're done. The bright side of having everything due so soon: we'll be done with it that much sooner. Assuming we actually finish it.

This is all too long and complicated. The main thing is, we have a lovely understanding editor who nevertheless is going to need a translation ASAP, so we want to finish all our work, but motivation is still down and Pokemon is still fresh. And we're still saps who can't say no to anyone, least of all our nephew. So we're going to be very crunched for a little while.

Today I'm thankful for getting to at least play Pokemon while we're on the phone with our nephew, our editor being understanding, the toffee scones we had for a snack today, Miraculous episodes being short enough that we can stay up late to watch them without really losing any sleep (we probably would have stayed up talking that long anyway), and having made a little bit of progress on Sailor Moon.
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