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Eleven o'clock church

Our first day of eleven-o'clock church, and it was wonderful. We're really hoping this extra sleep on the weekends thing will help us not be so tired all the time. And this year, we're studying the Book of Mormon again, so we got to sing "The Golden Plates," which is always fun.

After church, we took advantage of the fact that MasterClass finally has an app for Fire TV, and we watched MasterClasses! Tadah! ...I think I learned that I'm still too tired to pay attention to lectures. But it was pretty interesting hearing Steve Martin's take on stuff when I did manage to pay attention. The tough thing about MasterClass is that I want to learn the everything, but I guess my brain is not at a high enough level to take in all that information yet. Maybe with some more rest.

Tomorrow, we return to the busyness. If we're lucky, we'll finish our "pretending we're not behind" work quota with plenty of time to address the fact that we are, in fact, behind, and work on Sailor Moon. We'll see how it goes.

But that reminds me! There's a character in the most recent Fire Force who has a most interesting speech quirk. (This should go in the review of that volume, but since we're so far behind on reviews, who knows if that will even be a thing? If it is, you can read about it twice or something.) And it's subtle, so it took us a while to notice it. We did notice that she used an old-fashioned speech pattern, and that there were words that we were familiar with, but when we looked them up, our dictionaries didn't quite have them. We figured they were just different grammar constructions, until there was one word that we had just put in based on context and hadn't bothered to look up yet. We looked it up because we like to be sure on things...and the word had several definitions listed, none of which matched what she was using it for.

So on closer inspection (and looking up more of the odder word choices), we realized that she was using words ever so slightly incorrectly...which is to say, sometimes they were wildly incorrect, but still sounded okay. We had to ask ourselves was this deliberate, a bunch of typos, or were we missing something? Based on the way Ohkubo-sensei seems to use language everywhere else, we decided it was probably the former. We hope we're right...

Today I'm thankful for getting to go to church at eleven, getting to watch some Master Classes, Page doing the super cutest thing and sitting on both our laps when we sat next to each other earlier, getting to open our super shiny Sailor Moon necklaces, and realizing we have lots of chocolate to look forward to.
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