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Forced(?) procrastination

I'm a little bit worried, because Grawp seems to have developed an uncanny sense for calling right after we finish our Fire Force quota, but before we've started Sailor Moon. It kind of reminds me of in Elementary, when they were explaining how they managed to be in all the places where they found the clues without a warrant--there were a lot of unlocked doors and crying babies. And our nephew just happened to call in time to prevent us from working on this other thing, every time we were about to.

And then we were like, "We should call Grandma and have her join our Max Raid Battles!" and somehow that ended up being planned for tomorrow, which is also when we were planning to work on Sailor Moon. A few Max Raid Battles wouldn't normally destroy our work schedule for an entire day, but Saturdays seem to have some kind of mystical time vortex where we only actually get a couple of functional hours.

But! we finished Fire Force 18 today, so if his super power is specific to that series, it's done for a while. We'll see if it extends to Saiyuki...

But anyway, I said I would post the beautiful collage lyschan made for us, and here it is! Tadah!

There are fewer this year than last year or the year before, and that's a good thing! ...Except for our finances. But we didn't have to crush ourselves quite so much, and that's important. Anyway, we worked on some stuff we didn't really care for, but also for some stuff we adored. I'm just hoping that this week doesn't set a precedent for the whole year of 2020.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play more Pokemon with Grawp, getting to play more Pokemon on our own (and catch a bunch of new Pokemon!), finishing our Fire Force 18 translation (I hope I don't forget to tell you guys about Orochi), the super yummy pizza we had for dinner, and getting to sleep in tomorrow.
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