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Does this count as a force majeure?

We would be in super good shape right now, work-wise, if we just had one fewer thing on our list. But we did meet our quota today! ...We just had a deal with ourselves that if we met our quota on Fire Force for today, we would go on to work on Sailor Moon. And we...didn'

We like to think that we're justified. I mean, first of all, technically the deal was that if we met our Fire Force quota and still had time to work before dinner, we would work on Sailor Moon. The latter condition had not been met...but not because we had been working the whole time. We got a call from Grawp, you see. It seemed like he was calling us because he needed something to do now that it was his brother's turn with the Switch. First he reported that he finally got his fifth badge, and somehow the conversation turned to battling, I think? And Athena was all ready to say, "Well, when you get your turn at Pokemon again, you call me back, and I will battle you," but Hagger was already saving his game so he could hand the Switch back to Grawp. Why, Hagger? Why?

Of course we couldn't say no to that! Not only was our nephew asking us to play Pokemon with him, but his brother even ended his turn early so we could make it happen! We had no choice. You understand.

So we put down Fire Force, and we went to the TV room, turned on the Switch, and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get it to work before we all figured out we weren't properly connected to the internet. After that, of course we had to spend time playing together. Since we last played Pokemon with Grawp a week ago, he's been playing with pretty much the same six Pokemon practically nonstop (I'm guessing), so they're all at super high levels. And we let Grawp set the rules for the battle, so we didn't get to jump our Pokemon up to level 50--they all stayed in the same place. And what that all amounts to, since Athena tends to like to switch out her party in an attempt to make sure all her Pokemon get to level up relatively easily, and she hasn't gone all the way to the fifth gym, is that Grawp destroyed her without even having to switch out his Hitmonchan. It was brutal, but the boys got a kick out of it.

There was trading and there were Dynamax Pokemon hunts, and it was all good fun. But by the time we were done, we had lost like an hour and a half of work time. On the bright side, we still met our quota on Fire Force!

Meanwhile, Mom keeps texting about how she has so many Pokemon, and they're at such and such levels, and we're like, "Are we the only people with jobs here!?" (I think I heard Grawp still has all of next week off of school.) So that, plus Grawp destroying all our Pokemon, and telling us all about the later gyms, had us going, "Aww, we want to level up our Pokemon and see more of the story!" So even though we did get to play with Grawp, there was still more playing to do. And ever since our phonecall ended with the kid, everything was reminding Athena of Pokemon, and our motivation was destroyed. We persevered, though!

And! We feel like we have our manga words back again. As in, we feel like we're able to work more quickly because we're not struggling as much to find the right turns of phrase and such. I have two theories for that: either our rebellion + holiday travel gave us a long enough break that we finally managed to recharge some, or the side gig we had going was the right kind of different to get our brains back into shape. Either way, we don't want to lose our manga words again, so we felt the safest option was to not push ourselves. And so, as soon as we were done eating dinner, we turned Pokemon back on. And now we finally have the third gym badge! ...But it's never long enough. Ah well. Maybe someday we'll get a nice Pokemon binge.

Today I'm thankful for getting to play Pokemon with our nephew, finally figuring out how to link with friends via the internet, meeting our Fire Force quota despite our diversion, work going pretty well, and lyschan making us another beautiful collage of the things we worked on this year! I will share it tomorrow.
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