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Happy New Year!

We spent the whole day working, but we finished our quota! (I mean, mostly. We still have two profiles to fill out, but out of so many other things we had to do today, we're calling it close enough.) So things are looking pretty good! Although I admit it got extra hard at a certain point during the day.

See, for Christmas, Grawp got a kid-friendly phone watch, and today, he convinced his mother to add us as one of his contacts. So he called us twice today! And it was really nice to talk to him. We talked about Pokemon, of course. He's already ahead of us in his game--I mean, of course he is. He's been playing nonstop since he got it, while in the last week and a half, we got to play for maybe half an hour yesterday? So we've had to decide not to let spoilers bother us too much. At least he brings them up in such a disjointed way that it's not too spoilery. But the problem, of course, is that talking about Pokemon makes us want to play Pokemon.

To make matters worse, Grawp's been calling his grandmother on his phone and talking about Pokemon, so Mom (who had the day off like most of the rest of the whole world) went over to GameStop and picked up her own copy of the game, and now she's getting ahead of us! But in different ways. She evolved her Grookey to Thwackey before she even got to Professor Magnolia's house. She's always loved leveling up. Used to drive us crazy when we'd watch her play The Adventure of Link. She also bought a guidebook on Kindle.

And now here we are, longing to play Pokemon, but still having way more work than there are hours in the day. But all we can do is just keep plugging along. Eventually we'll make it through all of this work, and then we can play Pokemon again! In fact, if we meet our quota tomorrow, we might be able to play it then! ...Or we might want to watch the Fire Force finale...but we might as well wait for Friday for that... Well, we'll just see what happens.

Today I'm thankful for getting to talk to our beloved nephew on the phone, meeting our work quota, the hope of getting to play Pokemon again eventually, the last monthly simulpub going super fast, and Miraculous episodes being short enough that it's probably not too detrimental to our health that we stayed up after bedtime to watch one.
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