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Crunched again

Oh man, it's a good thing we finished posting about our Christmas adventures yesterday, because my brain is melted right now. I may have mentioned that we're behind on a couple of super time-consuming projects... Well, today we did what we could to catch up on one of them, and it was putting up a fight. But! we just barely managed to almost reach our quota, so we think we might be in okay shape. We did watch an episode of Miraculous, too, because by the time 8:30 rolled around, we were too braindead to keep working. I sure hope we get enough sleep tonight to be in working condition tomorrow...but I also foresee us staying up talking because the prospect of doing this again tomorrow is not the most appealing. But the prospect of finishing it is super appealing! So we'll see.

Today I'm thankful for getting a (hopefully) good amount of work done, getting to cool down with some Miraculous, Page being a good sport most of the time, these Muk-Luks saving my feet from freezing, and getting our Sailor Moon Fan Club packages today (if we're lucky, someday we'll have time to open them!).
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