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Pathetic fallacy

I learned that term in Spanish class in high school. Ironically, I never learned how to say it in Spanish.

Today the weather reflected the anime we were watching. When we were watching the stuff about death and killing people and angst and stuff, it was all dark and gloomy and raining. But then when we watched the happy vampire series, the sun came out! Yay!

Although that was a pretty depressing episode, as that series goes. Stupid Alfred. Add to that the depression of not being able to guess Tomokazu Sugita despite thinking just the other day when we were watching Bleach (he plays the turtle guy) that we knew what his voice sounds like and could probably place him in future anime serieses. We were so naive.

But then our anime buddy came over and we got to eat pizza and it was all very happy. We watched the first three episodes of Gokudo and reminded ourselves how much we want to cosplay that series. The costumes would be pretty simple, too, except that I wouldn't feel like I'd be doing Gokudo's cape justice if I didn't burn the end of it, and I'm too afraid of burning the apartment down to try that. Though I bet our home teacher could help us with that... We'll have to see what our financial situation is like.

Then we continued watching Fushigi Yuugi, and after the recap episode, we had enough time for one more episode before Justice League, but unless we're remembering wrong, episode 29 is a very bad stopping place, so we decided to see what there was to do on the Internet while we waited. That's when we revisited the old Posse website. We only looked at a few of the anime reviews, and then it was time for Justice League. Then afterward we came back and looked at all the Nu ones, because we couldn't remember any of them, and then we felt smart because most of them were ours and they were really funny. Or at least we thought so. Though I think by now most Angelique fans really do know what it's about, so that one might not make sense. But I do like to brag. Ah well.

Today I'm thankful for being full, Anime Reviews in a Minute, knowing the term pathetic fallacy, having peanut butter squares, and having an anime buddy.

Hawkgirl: I don't think I wanna know.
Vixen: We're in a cage match fighting to the death.
Hawkgirl: Yeah. See?

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